Pause in single player


Could you please add the ability to PAUSE the game while in single player. I’m a firefighter and in my down time I like to play different games. When I have to respond to a call I like to pause the game I’m playing. In your game I either have to just leave my character “hidden” and hope for the best or quit and lose my progress. As for multiplayer I would suggest a system like in 7 Days to Die where additional players can not join if the host is paused / host can not pause while other players are connected.


would be nice but probably not going to happen. i’m sure there are too many other complicated issues involved, like the loot respawn timer


Yes please. I would really like that feature.


You are absolutely right. I am a father (not a firefighter in this case) and, well, basically it would be nice to acknowledge that actual people with actual responsibilities may want to enjoy this game too. I like playing it at the evening, but many times I find myself forgoing a session, simply because I am afraid I will need to leave the computer for whatever mundane less-foreseeable reason may come. In the current state of affairs, this would end with my character dying. Please, please, please add a pause option for all those people with other responsibilities.


Yes please. Single-player only pause. Pause can be disabled if my game is open to multiplayer, that’s fine. But if it’s just me and my game set to private, please let me pause the game. Dying far from a safehouse because I dared ignore the game to give my dog some scritches makes me want to stop playing altogether.