Pause in single player

Could you please add the ability to PAUSE the game while in single player. I’m a firefighter and in my down time I like to play different games. When I have to respond to a call I like to pause the game I’m playing. In your game I either have to just leave my character “hidden” and hope for the best or quit and lose my progress. As for multiplayer I would suggest a system like in 7 Days to Die where additional players can not join if the host is paused / host can not pause while other players are connected.


would be nice but probably not going to happen. i’m sure there are too many other complicated issues involved, like the loot respawn timer

Yes please. I would really like that feature.

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You are absolutely right. I am a father (not a firefighter in this case) and, well, basically it would be nice to acknowledge that actual people with actual responsibilities may want to enjoy this game too. I like playing it at the evening, but many times I find myself forgoing a session, simply because I am afraid I will need to leave the computer for whatever mundane less-foreseeable reason may come. In the current state of affairs, this would end with my character dying. Please, please, please add a pause option for all those people with other responsibilities.


Yes please. Single-player only pause. Pause can be disabled if my game is open to multiplayer, that’s fine. But if it’s just me and my game set to private, please let me pause the game. Dying far from a safehouse because I dared ignore the game to give my dog some scritches makes me want to stop playing altogether.


And sometimes you just gotta take a poop! Hide in what seems to be a safe spot only to return to a downed character… frustrating, very frustrating!


Machines nor planet would magically stop when you dive into your backpack or plundra.
It’s perfect how it is, I think…

Wait, there’s no food in game, thus, no pooping either.

And don’t say: RL, since no one gave you permission to have a real life. :frowning:

But seriously: just port to a safe house…
Really, it is that simple…
If you’re far out, drop a radio first.
You’re most welcome.

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That’s all well and fine if you have a field radio you don’t mind wasting. In RL I’d have my pack and weapons with me in the potty but I can’t take my TV in the restroom with me. Game’s pretty unstable right now anyhow so it don’t really matter much.

I do thank you for your reply though.

Well, if you have pack and weapons with you, sir…
Drop those and get the TV?
TV would probably weigh a LOT less…

In all seriousness: what did that have anything to do with the topic, sir?
I fail to get this one…

Personally, I think that instead of being able to pause, safe houses should live up to their name and actually be safe.

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They are! They safe you from having to use adrenaline :rofl:


I agree.
Let’s rename them to spawn places.

Unless all safehouses in the game are heavily fortified (e.g like Masskär, Mullvadsberget, Gäddon or Björntunet Hotel), i don’t see a random barn/house offering the same “safe” area as any other building. And even then, with all the fortifications, you aren’t truly safe.

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And if you think, some are simple bases like a tent of so…
Not quite a bunker, is it :slight_smile:

With the off-topic “safehouses being safe” matter dealt with, the main topic of this discussion is game pause.

Thing is, GZ has seamless multiplayer bedded in it, which means that any point of time, other player(s) can join your game and once that has happened, you can not pause multiplayer game. This is how multiplayer games work, there is no pause in multiplayer games.

Other games, that also has this seamless multiplayer in them, are for example: Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. Just like in GZ, in Watch Dogs (1 or 2), once other player(s) join your game, you can not pause the game. And even when playing solo, there is no pause option due to the way these games are built up.

For games that have dedicated multiplayer section, where you must navigate through main menu and then specifically start the multiplayer session, in them, solo play, yes, can be paused since these aren’t seamless multiplayer games.

So, even if devs wanted to add pause option to the solo GZ gameplay, the can’t do that, unless drastically rewriting most of the game code, especially the one that deals with multiplayer.
In the end, you’ll gain solo play pause function but you will loose seamless multiplayer feature.


Not true, because Dying Light has pause feature (on easy-normal difficulty only) and once another player is in-game both players must be on pause to pause the game. However brings up:

Which I understand.


Agree with pause in single player, we need it.


Pause in Single player with invite only, or multiplayer disabled at all, should be a thing.


Yarp, I agree. It’s a small convenience but I think it would benefit a lot of people, myself included.


well yes and no cause actually there is already a pause…but you have simply be careful. I have hit the option button & then gone into settings or clicked on “quit to main menu”, just didn’t approve it…sent my PS4 controller down, went to get drinks, use the bathroom (& I’m old & disabled so takes me a little longer)…and all is well. I learn the first time with just leaving “continue” highlighted it popped into the game, I died, and found myself in a safehouse nearby when I returned to the game & oh yea I was pissed…but if you literally go into settings…IT PAUSES THE GAME whether you do anything or not…when you chose to “quit to main menu” the confirmation screen pops up…FREEZING THE GAME at that point cause if you it yes it will trigger the “last saved point” so when you load again it will load at the closest safehouse to where you were. They are little kinks to ALL GAMES that don’t have a direct pause… HAPPY HUNTING…I learned all those things in the military back in the 80’s, and being a Dad over the years, as well as listening to bitchy Navy pilots on their simulator…lol lol lol lol…

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