Pausing every few seconds issue (Lagspikes) Win 7

I have yet to see an acknowledgement of this issue from Avalanche, not even in the known issues thread or on the news page on Steam.

I can wait for a patch if I know it’s on the list, I really don’t mind, but I’d like to know that someone is working on it. For some number of people including both my friend and me cannot play the game at all. Can someone from Avalanche please let me know if this is something you guys have on your list of bugs? Or are we just on our own to fix it?

It appears to be a Windows 7 problem mostly and it’s not just low frame rate, the game completely stops responding every few seconds for a few seconds, no special load, you can just be staring at grass blowing at 50-60fps and then everything stops completely (sound, input, everything) and then catches up quickly and then repeats. It really is unplayable like this.

There has been at least one report that installing Windows 10 clears up on the problem (on same hardware). I suspect it’s a Win 7 problem, maybe Direct X or some driver issue or something. The only other note is the CPU seems unnaturally high the entire time GZ is running, but maybe that is normal. Dunno.