[PC/Steam] Can we please have the option of starting a New Game?


Does the workaround of turning off synchronisation in Steam and then starting a new game work?

I’m on my third character, but gameplay has been hobbled by things being carried over, updates changing things etcetera. I just want to be able to play the game from, well, generation zero without having things be broken or already completed.

For instance, I haven’t seen a single Relay Beacon in the entirety of my latest playthrough (even though the map shows undestroyed beacons: “Relay Beacon 0/1”), and I’m at level 26 now.

Achievements ,missions, second character not working

Did you do this: ?


That worked, thanks! :slight_smile:


When I delete the saves, it also deletes my characters. I don’t think there is any way currently to reset missions without losing your characters, is there?? :thinking:


If you’re starting a brand new play experience why would you want the same character? The idea is to start NEW.


In the pic you linked to it says: “Want to reset but not delete your character?”
Besides, you have 4 characters, but you can only play the story with one of them (or 1/4 of the story with each). Doesn’t make sense to me.