PC/XB1 Can't join my friends on XB1

My friend and I installed this game 3 days ago through our gamepass subs and had no issue until 1.29 dropped today. Since then I have not been able to join her session nor is she able to join mine. We have reinstalled to no effect. On my end (PC) I am receiving error code 0x00000001 as a reason why, however research indicates this usually affects downloads or installations. Anything else I can do to resolve this issue? I am not sure if it matters, but she bought the resistance pack right away on xbox, and I have yet to be able to buy it on the PC store.


got the same problem, I’ve spent all day trying to figure out what’s going on. really hope theres a fix for this.

Just found out Xbox console is on v.2263976 and my gamepass PC version is v.2264534 this could be the problem

I have not checked the versions, but also having the issue of not being able to join my friends. It should be noted that both of us can still play regular multiplayer, just not with each other

As Menise has said the version number is different on pc gamepass then the Xbox version, I know that this post is a month old but I cant find anything that relates to the issue I’m having which I cant join my friend on Xbox