Permanent relay beacon icons on map

I started a fresh playthrough from scratch and decided to leave the relay beacons. It occurred to me that the relay beacons I didn’t destroy, work as spawn or at least aggregator for machines.

Unfortunately relay beacon icons don’t stay on the map. I think the location of relay beacons should work like regular locations: once discovered the icon should stay on the map (unless the beacon gets destroyed).

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I’ve noticed that my beacons respawn everytime I play multiplayer, so I can definitely see it be a feature to have them come back.

Relay beacon icons work similarly to plundra/ bike station/ recycling station/ crafting station icons. Meaning that when you’re certain distance of them, they show up. And once you travel further away, they disappear.

If relay beacon icons would remain on the map, until you took it out, it will clutter the map since there are already loads of icons shown on map.

I marked down all relay beacon icons on the map, for easier finding of them. Screens here: Interesting locations - #206 by Aesyle

Look at those screens and factor in FNIX structures and Rivals as well, to get the idea how cluttered the map would get.

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That’s totally true. I’m thinking about loud: what if there was a filter option to toggle certain categories on and off. I know that this is a very special case and that this probably never will come but I thought to myself why not at least ask :smiley:

It’s an option but i don’t know if it would help. Especially since the clutter issue appears when you zoom out the map. But if you zoom in, the icon spacing gets far better, without overlapping.

Though, another question would be: what those categories could be? :thinking:

Something like

  • Safehouses (maybe with subfiltering like "including recycling station; including sewing station etc.)
  • Bunkers (not only bunkers like Vesslan, Hermelinen, Skvadern etc. but Muskudden, Torsberga as well)
  • Mission objectives (some might like the idea of finding the objectives without the help of the map)
  • Cities
  • Smaller locations like farms, single houses etc.
  • Rivals
  • Reapers
  • Relay beacons (only the intact ones ofc)

Since the FNIX rising DLC there has been far more relay beacons. I’ve taken to finding them and come across maybe 50 in total. Idk how to put it all together but I have every screen shot of every relay beacon and their location. I was wondering if I could give these to someone to make an updated relay beacon map. Idk how to make that dont have a PC rn. :grimacing:

I would love to get those pics and locations for documenting reasons.

Sure. Theres quite a few I just havent explored the mid mountain in the mountains region for a relay beacon, I doubt there’s 1 there.

Did you check the MAP 2 I posted?
You can send the pics to my forum mail