Permanent unfixable save corruption

Platform: PS5 (ps4 version of the game)

Issue: I loaded up my game today to find a data corruption error. I let the game try to repair the data as prompted but once it was done and it loaded to the main menu, it instantly crashed. From this point every further attempt at loading up the game had this same result.

So I figured my data was gone. I then went into my console save storage, deleted the save data and attempted to start from scratch (mind you I had put in over 100 hours and had reached level 31 with a few experimentals). But I had the same result. I accepted TOS and as soon as it hit main menu it crashed. Upon reopening the app, the fresh save data that had just been created was corrupted and the cycle started again.

I deleted the data again and this time reinstalled the entire game and restarted my console to ensure the best possible chance of it working. It did not… the same issue ensued.

So in summary… my save is gone and I can not even play the game at all as every new save instantly becomes corrupted.

Steps to reproduce: I have no idea how to begin to understand what happened but it happens whenever I boot up the app.

Game mode: none. I can’t even get to the main menu.

P.S. I wish I could share the videos and screenshots I sent as reports to PSN but I can not. Hopefully my description was enough.

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