Petition to increase the max amount of pillboxes/towers from DLCs

Do you want base pack DLCs to include more slots for pillboxes/towers?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care, I don’t do base defence

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OK, this was mentioned few times in few different topics.
I personally think that a Base Pack DLC should come with at least one additional slot for a pillbox/tower. 2 would be a sweet spot for me, so 4 additional slots, 9 in total after buying both DLCs.

Feel free to share an opinion. Vote.


Although I am not the biggest fan of the whole concept with base defense, I fully agree that it should be a higher amount of towers/pillboxes allowed.

Partly due to more content available but mostly due to the fact that base defense as it is today is the only way to get the exp ammo schematics and resources need to craft these, something I find to be a wonky setup, but if that is the system I would like to see more offensive buildings allowed so it is at least easier/faster for me who dont enjoy that part of the game but likes the exp ammo as it mixes up the game play in a fun way and is forced to do them.

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Additional stuff for basebuilding through paid dlc should add something, not replace something.

It can’t be that you have to rebuild your base each time new stuff is released just because of shared limits.

Therefor there should be own counters for dlc-structures.



I didn’t vote because no option is right for me. I do base defense but I don’t care about the number of pillboxes since I only use four and set them on flanking fire.

Considering structures now take more damage since the “Landfall update”, we should at least be able to build 8 or 10 of them instead of just 5.
We could even have the requeriment to upgrade something to be able to do it, like with the Plundra and the Workshop, at least it would be better.

This is also a thing that would not affect in a negative or positive way players who dont usually do base defense missions.
And for anyone that wishes to have just 4 or 5 towers, they can still keep doing it.
No one would be affected in a negative way.


I just feel like okay yeah 5 pillboxes will do good but like as the robots coming go up in grade in the different levels of base defense that at some point 5 pillboxes/towers just won’t be enough

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