[Player Mechanics Ideas] Dump Them Here!

From what I have experienced it seems apparent that their are some playable mechanics that could implemented to improve the general experience of the game for everyone.

One of these ideas would be to add a “prone” stance where (like in Call of Duty) you crawl in a low profile position which subsequently could reduce detection by the machines at the cost of manoeuverability.

We could also include a melee function for the player character to punch surfaces which could be used to open up windows so that it’s easier to both shoot and see out of them.

Feel free to leave any comment and ideas below. Have a good one. :wink:


You used to be able to go prone in the Beta, but it was removed for technical reasons if I recall correctly.
Melee is something that many have suggested thus far, with many different iterations of melee weapons, using martial arts, etc.

Personally I wouldn’t mind some kind of melee attack to fend off Ticks, and as you said, break windows.


yes like has been said before, need at least a weapon bash melee attack for tick swatting.

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Well if they could get past the technical issue of going prone, that would be great. Would add to the realism especially when sniping. Like the idea of melee attacks also when fending off ticks. They could give us A club or ax to put in the hand gun slot.

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Sticky bombs, like c4 placed on the bigger machines.

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Fishing rod; Tie a flare (or firework if you’re brave!) to a fishing line and cast the lit flare out a significant distance using the rod. You can then use Mouse1/Fire to reel in the line bringing the flare closer to the player.

Craftable tripwire; Ability to place triggerable items (flares, fireworks, small&medium EMP, sirens etc) with a trigger wire so that machines crossing the wire set off the object.

Find and use Dynamite and Sprängdeg m/46; Then the gas/pressure cans are level 1 explosives, dynamite at L2 and Sprängdeg as L3 explosives (to match the machine tier progression of prototype/military/fnix) allowing suitable performance differences between the tiers rather than the present attempt at balancing with only one type (gas cans) which are available throughout the whole game (dynamite and sprängdeg could be tier/zone restricted like the better guns are, ability to use Sprängdeg m/46 plastic explosive could be skill gated if necessary since regular people aren’t going to know how to set up military plastic explosives).

Set rope; Ability to set a rappelling rope and descend to a safe footing area below.

Climb trees; Break off pursuit by climbing up a tree and hiding, get a good vantage or spring an ambush.

Roll; Tap a direction twice to perform a dodge/roll for some distance in that direction

Kick-in; Don’t have time to stand out in the open fiddling with that house door? Kick it in (would require stamina), makes quite a bit of noise and the door can’t be closed after.


Diamond weapons :gem: : - Very rare drops with some stats better than gold weapons and maybe unique skins.

Tougher than FNIX Tanks - Much more armour, more weapons, ability to target more than one person at a time, can drop :gem: weapons and more ammo than standard tanks.


S Laser sights
Level 50 expansion
Flash bangs
2 people on the bike at once
Shoot sidearms while on bike
Flare Gun
Scrap the night vision mode, night vision goggles instead
Warning / Alarm when tanks go below 20%
Vehicles would be nice but not necessary
Designated spot for machines for neutral multiplayer gameplay
Open up FOA2 for target practice that give rewards
Hugh, loud, oversized fireworks that you light from the ground
Single pop Grenade launcher ( Like in T2 ) add smoke & emp rounds
Replace with target marking shell / homing rockets from launcher
Play comms array when on bike
Gun holsters
Ammunition belt to carry more
Military spec gears for more capacity
Hacker perk gives countdown on duration once Machine hacked
Match multiplayers with similar skill level
Designated save spot for storage, unlocked through level progression
Be able to hack the siren, control it manually, then detonate
Reward badges / logos that can be applied to clothing( like in the 80s )
Swim feature based on stamina…I mean it’s a gimme really
Distress beacons for players that show on map regardless of location


And they could be singing Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do…


Probably a bit too much to ask for characters to communicate :joy:


special emotes that only work while on a bike

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Conceal: The player goes prone and covers him/herself in grass, branches, snow or something. It takes 10-15 seconds to get in position, but now machines can’t detect you unless they step on you. You can’t do anything except look around, and breaking cover also takes a few seconds. Good for hiding when it’s too late to run, or setting ambushes. Only works on certain surfaces, or maybe only under a tree or bush.

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Are you guys thinking to implement some kind of chest or something so we can keep the things we dont need right away in our safe houses??? Is kinda sad we have such small inventory and we have to throw away so much good things,

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A safehouse stash is a frequent request, hinted to be in the next major patch in the last Team News blog.

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Welcome to the community! :wink:

I put the salt down for a moment after I actually thought they may actually be getting their heads together to just tie up all the loose ends in GenZ

  • Reads Team News Article

…No - just all on holiday running skeleton crew.

So, I personally think that climbing and being able to go prone are the two biggest things they could add to improve the player mechanics.

Next biggest thing for me would be the ability to swap ammo without going into your inventory. A sane person would have a mix of magazines prepped ahead of time (though I think that level of detail would be overkill) so that they would just have to swap a magazine and cycle the action to swap ammo types. Lack of this is honestly the reason I don’t stockpile AP ammo for anything except the Pvg 50, it’s just not worth the space.

Being able to pick up and move the bike (even if it slows you down and prevents you from using a gun) would be really nice to have, some of the bike stations are in very poorly chosen locations that you can’t really get a bike out of.

Some kind of ghillie suit and/or ballistic vests (obviously not both at the same time for balance reasons) would be nice too.

A proper range finder would also be good to have, but just providing enough info in game together with properly calibrating the mil-dot sights would be a good enough alternative IMO (and ideally better flexibility with sights, there’s no practical reason you couldn’t mount a 1-4x scope on an SMG, and you can definitely mount one on an AK).

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Nah you don’t want a club or axe, got enough weapons already. No room to store stuff atm

Need to add armor perk to military helmet.

Not Player mechanic but more important new feature in my opinion.

Being able to play the game from the begining with a new character without having to delete your old ones.