[Player Mechanics Ideas] Dump Them Here!


From what I have experienced it seems apparent that their are some playable mechanics that could implemented to improve the general experience of the game for everyone.

One of these ideas would be to add a “prone” stance where (like in Call of Duty) you crawl in a low profile position which subsequently could reduce detection by the machines at the cost of manoeuverability.

We could also include a melee function for the player character to punch surfaces which could be used to open up windows so that it’s easier to both shoot and see out of them.

Feel free to leave any comment and ideas below. Have a good one. :wink:


You used to be able to go prone in the Beta, but it was removed for technical reasons if I recall correctly.
Melee is something that many have suggested thus far, with many different iterations of melee weapons, using martial arts, etc.

Personally I wouldn’t mind some kind of melee attack to fend off Ticks, and as you said, break windows.


yes like has been said before, need at least a weapon bash melee attack for tick swatting.