Player Progression

Me and a mate have both hit LVL 31 and didn’t realize that it was the maximum. Neither of us have specializations because we spread our points out thinking the cap was higher. What I/we would like to see is either an increase of the LVL cap or a way to respec without making a new character.

Did you try searching the Forum?
This has been thoroughly discussed in here for almost 2 years, in several topics.
Like here
And here

Devs have also answered question about it on streams.

BTW, you are far from the first players who have walked into this “trap”.
It would be nice if the game at least gave new players some kind of warning about the lvl. cap.

With links given to relevant topics, i’ll be closing this one. No need to discuss the same thing all over the forums within separate topics.

Next time, do search the forums.

Btw, welcome to the forums.