Level Max ruined game for me. :(

I was having so much fun with this game until I reached the maximum level. I thought this would be solved when I bought the expansions. It wasn’t. Now I feel no need to play this game because there is no point if you can’t add more skills. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY MORE OF THIS GAME !!


Seriously? …If this is enough to “break” the game for you, what do you expect us to say to help you? :thinking:
You can play more all you want! There are lots of different skill combinations you can try out to specialize you characters. Heck, you can just transfer all your gear to a lvl. 1 character and start leveling up again.
The lvl. cap cannot simply be removed. The devs even said so in yesterdays stream. You just gotta deal with it.


Yeah I agree cuz you need a limit to the OPness of our characters


So start another character and try a different skill tree? I’ve got 4x level 31 characters all spec’d differently. Raising the level cap world just make the game trivial as your character would be way OP.

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Really ?? start the game over again, run thousands of kilometers again for a few new skills, and hit the ceiling again without having what it was before? does it make sense to create many characters for that? I would only like to get the skill of collecting ticks from cars, but I will not play for this from the beginning. However, there are still characters with all the improved skills. yes, and I want to have only one account and not 4, for the sake of using 1 skill))

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uh so how will unlocking every skill be fun? that will just be OP

You don’t have to start a new game, just a new character. You still keep all your progress. The purpose is to have one game with 4 characters that freely share equipment and progress.

If you removed the lvl. cap you would still hit the roof some day, at lvl. 87, when you have unlocked all 86 skills… And then what? :roll_eyes:

Why on earth would you want a lvl. 87 character? Nothing would be a challenge anymore, not even on Guerilla. If you pick the right skills your character is more than powerful enough at lvl. 31! With experimental weapons, only Guerilla difficulty is hard, in some situations at least. Skirmish is fine for enjoyable gameplay. Adventure is so easy it’s almost unplayable.

So please present a good reason why boosting your skill capacity by 200% is good for the game?
Not just “I want that because I want it! Give it to me or I’m leaving!” :sob:

Everyone is free to have their own opinion of course, but it annoys me that people think removing the lvl. cap is a good idea… THAT would ruin the game! :exploding_head:


Increasing level cap however - is still a potential.

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That I can agree to. I have spoken in favor of it earlier as well.
I think it needs to be just a careful raise, though.
Up to lvl. 36, perhaps?

But not just out of the blue, to please some players.
More like this:

1- Overhaul / improve machine AI.
2- Open up the big island in the NE corner and have a tier 5 class, unique to that island.
3- Then raise the cap to 36.

…if you asked me. :slight_smile:


Would you trade all 284 Prestige points for a XP level cap increase to 40, with the additional 8 perk points?

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Not sure. It could be a good idea to use prestige points to get some kind of reward in the future. Most of them are pretty easy to acquire I guess, but I’m not fully up to speed on what all the challenges require of you in order to unlock. I’m am by no means a completionist…

I think I will maintain my position from my last comment, that raising the cap also requires raising the overall difficulty in the game.

I’m a bit worried that a raise to lvl. 40 is enough to invalidate the idea of character specialization. It’s a fine line to walk, in my opinion, and I believe and additional 5 skillpoints would be enough.

It’s not my decision to make though, and your idea is as valid as mine. :slight_smile:

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Oh mate there are SO many layers to if it changes.

The basics I would expect as an absolute minimum.

  • April Update difficulty now in game to offset the level increase
  • Specialisations that actually work
  • Gas Mask resistance on the Hazard suit buffed to actually work
  • Complete review of every skill option and how it effects gameplay
  • Complete review over every clothing perk, and effect in game
  • Skill tree layout amended to a more fluid system
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People have said that not having a level cap is OP. I completellydo not gree with that.

I agree that you shouldnt be able to use all of the skills at one time, however. For instance, you unlock the entire skill tree, but you can only use the equivilent of half to two thirds of the skills at one time. This would create an atmosphere of satisfaction for all parties, because not only would they be able to unlock all of the skills, it would still make the game challenging enough to enjoy playing.

Also, it was said earleir that “you cant simply remove the level cap” the devs said that, if im not mistaken.
With all due respect, thats there problem. They made it that way, and of course, im not a programmer, so I dont know exactly how hard it would be to change. But, if you can do it, you should be able to undo it.

Also, no offence to the Devs, but although hindsight is 20-20, they totally should have thought of that.

I know someone who might be able to shed some light on that. I’ll update once / if he reply’s

It’s not that it’s not programmatically possible it’s that it’s not designed that way. Your choices were supposed to be meaningful and reflect your play style rather than a “to do” list. But, so much of the “original vision” seems to have been changed over the last 12 months, maybe this will too.

As it stands there are ways and means to bypass the level cap on PC. (All against the terms and conditions you agree to when you play it.)

IIRC Paul said on a stream that they wouldn’t simply raise the level cap, but that they would (or could) looking into other alternative solutions. But that they had more important things to work on right now (this was 6 months ago or more)

Your idea may well fall into their potential other solutions, as would offering a “redistribute skill points”, which I think would probably be a quicker and easier solution.

Personally, I’m fine with the level cap. I have 4x level 31 chars all spec’d differently and I’ve never felt the need for it be raised. I’m definitely of the opinion that unlocking all skills would make the player OP unless they changed the way the skill trees worked.

Tbh. I just wish it didn’t nag me after every encounter that I got 0 xp for my trouble.


You make a good point. And I agree, getting zero XP is one of the most unsatifying things in the ame, in my opinion.

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