Level Max ruined game for me. :(

I totaly agree to Gunner,

that max-level and not being able to get OP is a gamebreaker for me to.
As a single-player I see no point to restrict the Skills.
I kind of understand that max-level for multiplayer, but as a single player I realy thought I can get my OP-freedom like I can get in the most singleplayer OpenWorld games.
I only have one Player and don’t like the idea to make up to 4 Players with different skilltrees. To have 4 Players with different skilltrees is usefull for multiplayer but I don’t do multiplayer.

After done all Missions and Sidemissions why I should play the game without being able to make any progress?
The plan to get the experimental sniper is now the very last mission to get progress …
Yesterday before I got level31 and realised the game is over the sniper was just a step on my way to OP.
don’t know if I stick to that sniper plan…
After 280hrs of gameplay the devs tell me: “STOP IT NOW!” this is weird…

(and btw. the hacking-skill is way to weak…)

anybody have a hint for me how to mod/cheat the skilltree?

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I think your at the wrong party bud


Word of the day. :+1:
Cheaters and modders, go away.


That’s how it made you feel? Me, I figured I’d just go and level up a different character to see if I like those skills better. Then, I leveled up another, and another.

4 level 31 chars, and I deleted one and leveled up a new one. I’m currently approaching 1200 hours and only now am I beginning to tire of it.

Not because I can’t level up past 31, but for an entirely different set of reasons. (But that’s a different story)

While I’m happy that the level cap is in place, I wouldn’t object to a way to re-spec but personally I’m against the idea of maxing out the skill tree. And re-spec’ing should be limited or earned IMHO.

I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place for this kind of request. It can be done, but it’s against the EULA and tends to be frowned upon.


The skillsets are designed for you to set up your strategy. Choose them wisely…

Logically speaking, you would want as many skills as possible in real life. So, saying choose your skills wisely isn’t exactly a good argument. Because, honestly, who in the middle of a robot apocalypse goes “oh, I cant learn anymore skills, guess Ill just die”? It just doesn’t make sense is all im saying. Not to mention, if your life really depended on it, somethings tells me you’d have more skills than there allowing the characters to have.

Here’s another piece of logic: if you die, you’re dead.
No revives or fast travel to safe house and continue from there on. With perma-death, you’d loose all your gained XP, skills and collected gear, having you to start fresh.

The ability to unlock all skills on one char + perma-death is a nice balance.

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This is my favorite way to play games that allow it after I’ve had that initial playthrough. It opens up that replayability factor. I’d vote for this arrangement in a heartbeat.

A bit aggressive, but I understand that point of view. Also though, my point still stands. Why would somebody just not learn skills? I mean, no wonder we are constantly dying. Also, you (Aesyle) have said before in streams such as the. “Case for vehicles” that Generation Zero is not supposed to be like Rust, DayZ, and so on. So, using the logic that YOU just gave us, it would be exactly like Rust and DayZ, just a smaller version. Essentially your suggesting that if were going to improve the game one way, we should destroy it in another way, by making it a knockoff of already kind of iffy games.

Also, something tells me that if somebody loses 1200 hours of gameplay, your going to get more complaints than just the ones about the level cap.

So, if we really have our hearts set on killing ourselves permanentally , and not respawning, then maybe it can be an option in the menu, for people who dont have an issue with waisting 100’s of hours at a time. Im not trying to be rude, or curt here, but I am trying to be blunt.

Thats a bad idea.

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Unless devs introduce PvP in GZ, i don’t see any way how GZ with perma-death, would be even close to Rust or DayZ. And even with PvP in GZ, it still wouldn’t be close to Rust or DayZ.

Rust is all about collecting resources and building bases, with regular server wipes. Also, forming clans is quite a big thing in Rust.
DayZ, in the other hand, is hardcore survival and while it does have some form of base building in it, the emphasis is on survival. Oh, there are server wipes in DayZ as well.

Reason why i brought up perma-death is because there is 0 death penalty in GZ and you were talking about logic. So, i gave you a logical response. And while perma-death is at the extreme end of death penalty system, i think that there should be some form of death penalty in GZ. Current system is just “there”, without making any sense.

Though, i do understand why devs didn’t implement any death penalty in the beginning (not to ruin player experience) but perhaps it’s time to look into it? :thinking: And give players more reasons to stay alive, rather than cheesing the current system where death is just a minor inconvenience.

Topic about it here: Death Penalty When Dying

However, i agree that adding perma-death to the game, without any option to choose it or not, is a bad idea and it will ruin many players progression. This kind of severe gameplay element is better suited for "New Game+ " or better yet, a “Challenge run”, separate from the main game progression.

I wouldn’t call the ability to unlock all skills on single char a game improvement. Instead, it’s devastating to the idea devs want us to play the game (having different chars with different skill builds) and will undermine all the hard work anyone has put into the game who has more than 1 char.

Sure, players who have only 1 char, would love the idea of maxing out their single char but what about all others? How would you even compensate all the hard work and hundreds of hours, long-time players have put into their 2nd, 3rd and 4th char? :astonished:

Perma-death isn’t that bad of an idea actually. But it all comes down how it would be implemented, if ever.
But for time being, best we can do, is: Xezr's Hardcore Mode [Updated]. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was under the impression that your idea was that there could be a permadeath option for those who wanted it and if you chose it, then you would get the benefit of no level cap as a tradeoff. This exact arrangement is what I would love.

I suppose a challenging yet a little more forgiving option could be to give no level cap but then when you die, you lose your highest applied perk point in each of the skill trees. It would have to drop your player level the number of points removed though or you would eventually end up where it requires too much xp to get those points back.

In the currently available game mode we all play, if you are a lower level player and you meet up with a higher level player, you might think it’s impressive… until you get there yourself. In the end, it is no reflection of your struggles or your abilities. It is merely a reflection of how much someone has played the game… and if everyone played the game that same amount of time, generally speaking, everyone would be at the same exact level as everyone else. There is nothing to be impressed about.

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Fair enough, also when you are down and take adrenaline shot your back up , this should not be recorded as a death. If you died how did you inject yourself? lol

While alternative to the perma-death, this idea can end up as same level as perma-death is and may even have bigger impact on players.

Well, if you’ll loose highest skill point in each skill tree, that means you’ll loose up to 8 skill points per death (downed) and same amount of levels as well. E.g you were lvl38 and then you’re back to lvl30. Revive yourself to 20HP and get a rouge hit from somewhere and die on the same spot again. Now, you’ll again loose up to 8 skill points and 8 char levels, dropping you back to lvl22.

I don’t know about others, but for me, seeing your char die over and over, loosing all your hard work piece-by-piece, is tougher to digest that dying once and accepting it.

Just unlocking the char level progression isn’t viable since it takes a LONG time to level up past lvl31. Heck it even takes loads of time to level your char from 30 to 31.

Some numbers:
100.000 XP = lvl14
212.190 XP = lvl23
259.413 XP = lvl24 (about to level up)
424.144 XP = lvl29
479.373 XP = lvl30 (just reached lvl30)
548.874 XP = lvl31

Leveling up char works the same way as leveling up region score. You don’t need much XP/points to gain initial levels but to get the last ones, you’ll need LOADS of XP/points.

With this explained, it will be FAR faster to make 2nd, 3rd and 4th char and level them all up to lvl31, than spending near infinite amount of time on your 1st char, trying to level it up to lvl88 (to get all 87 skills).

Even IF, given that the devs set fixed amount of XP needed to level up past lvl31 to 100.000 XP per level, by the time you’ll get your 1st char from lvl31 to lvl48, you’ve collected the same amount of XP (1.700.000 XP) to level up 2nd, 3rd and 4th chars to lvl31, all of them.

However, if devs keep the current XP system, where more XP it is needed to level up than getting previous level, then removing level cap is utterly impractical. And i think this is the very reason why devs haven’t done so thus far.

The thing with the max level is that it’s nowhere to be seen that lvl 31 is it. If there was any indication like lvl 23/31 players could plan ahead way better.

I don’t mind having a max level if it’s not always in your face with the “0 EP” everywhere. I took it slow playing through the map and reached lvl 31 way before going into the Marshland. Since there was still a lot to do it felt a bit awkward to get nothing anymore.

If for example the Prestige Points would have any meaning besides a number next to the profile every 100.000 XP could reward you another PP. And even if it hasn’t you still could grow the PP number this way.

That would be a bit steep in my opinion. There are so many examples where the game gives you the finger and you die so fast the char cannot even pull out a medkit not to mention applying it. And even while healing a hit from high level enemy can reduce that number easily to 0.

Since the ludicrous April 20 update a “life” has no meaning for me in the game anymore.

That is true and it would help all new players who haven’t reached lvl31.

That’s neat idea. Though, since we don’t know yet, for what prestige points are needed for, i can’t say if gaining more of them from excess XP is helpful or harmful for gameplay. :thinking:

These were the fun days, at least for me. :smile:

Though, regardless the April '20 update or not, without any death penalty, there is little life value and many cheese the 100HP safehouse spawn system.

Just out of interest, and something I never did - > do you have the XP required for each of the 31 levels?


I didn’t note the XP values down when i leveled up. I only have some screens, which i used to present “some numbers” above.

No doubt. Very few games use such a thing, but I know of a few in my library. The impact is next to nothing when you start out, but very extreme when you are at a high level. When it happens, it is a sad moment. In this game, it would be pretty rough. Rougher than most games. When all of the missions are available to be completed (especially if you have DLC), the XP gain can be pretty quick for a single character. Trying to max out a second character when there are no missions to complete or locations to discover is brutal… which would be equivalent to this scenario.

All what is needed, is dedication. :wink:

When i finished with all of my missions, my 1st char wasn’t even lvl31. So, i had some doing to max her out. Then i created 2nd char; along the way 3rd char and lastly 4th char. Did level them all up to max level, without having any missions left in my game to gain easy, fast XP. :pleading_face:

I wouldn’t say it was brutal. But for sure, it took quite a lot of time. To me, it was actually fun since i enjoy playing GZ. :slightly_smiling_face: With all missions complete, i just focused on other things, gaining XP along the way.

Learned thing or two about the game as well. For example, if you destroy every relay beacon in the game, without killing any machine, you’ll gain 100.000 XP from relay beacons alone, leveling your char from lvl 0 to lvl 14 (which i did with my 4th char). :grin: I used this method of mine, which i developed during that time: Tips for fast XP gain for solo players

Isn’t it? It doesn’t sound good to me. Perma-death should therefore always be optional, don’t you think?

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