Tips for fast XP gain for solo players

So, you’ve played through the game, finished every mission the game has to offer, and want to level up a second, third or fourth character fast? What a drag for you as a solo player!

Fear not though, relay beacons are your best friend for this!

If you have already played through the game and unlocked all safe houses, just fast travel to the nearest safe house close to the beacon you want to check out - if it’s there, take it out along with any foes around it, then move on to the next. Keep doing this until you’ve visited all known spawn locations, then rinse and repeat. Oh, and don’t forget to take out any other enemies close by for extra XP gain, of course.

I’m not sure about the timer for the beacons to respawn. Personally when they are all gone, I often join a multiplayer game for a while, before starting over again, or open my game up for others for fast Rival hunting.

This is the best method I’ve found to gain XP fast when going solo. I’ve leveled up my third character from scratch to level 20 in two evenings with this method.

If anyone has more tips on this subject, please do post, it’s appreciated.


I’ve used the same technique to level up some of my chars but in an even faster way.

My method;

  • .50 cal s-rifle, preferably 5* or 6*.
  • plenty of .50 cal ammo. doesn’t matter if FMJ or AP
  • 8-16x scope or 6-12x scope
  • good aim
  • decent sneak ability

Box just below the disk.

It takes only 1x shot of .50 cal at that spot to blow any beacon and get the XP reward from it.


  • fast travel to any safehouse close to relay beacon
  • make your way near the relay beacon without aggroing any machines (sneak/crouch when needed)
  • aim your shot, when needed, use scope zoom
  • if disk is facing you, wait until it turns so you have clear shot on the box
  • take the shot and blow the beacon
  • once beacon blows, it triggers EMP pulse, disabling all the guards around it for a short while
  • here you need to be fast by bringing up the map and fast traveling to another safehouse
  • if you aren’t fast enough and beacon guards come out of EMP, they will aggro at you and you can’t fast travel
  • if that happens, either take the guards out or run away until combat ends (escaped combat)

Blowing only the beacon and fast traveling afterwards is much faster and it also saves you ammo, first aid kits and a-shots, since you don’t have to deal with the machines. Well, you can if you want to get a bit more XP but it isn’t cost effective.


Here are images of all relay beacon locations for anyone trying to locate one:

Archipelago - 8

Farmlands - 10 (11?)

Forest - 8

South Coast - 6

Mountains - 7

Marshlands - 6

North Coast - 6

Himfjäll - 6

Edit: Maps updated according to the latest updates, which brought few more relay beacons.