Playerbase Patch Compensation - Restore Trust

“IF” is the key word. Also, if it will actually happen expect broken save files, crashes and things like that as a “compensation”. We’ve been there before. But I doubt they are actually working on it, so enjoy relatively stable game with a bit broken AI forever. For me this is better then yet another update which brings crashes every 5 minutes so I have to wait for patch for another 3 months (been there, again). Better to stop trying at some point if you just cannot do this for a freaking 6 months, score losses and move on without PS4 support.


While I agree, I disagree here, miss.
The issue is this: Quite LOT of the first DLC was already for everyone free: weapons, new machine class (Apoc).
While VERY kind of Avvy (Avalanche, red), it was stupid beyond anything, seen from a sell point.
Most got the DLC for the weapons.
Sure, there was a new part of land, few quests, some exploration, still…
That one, without the weapons kept for DLC could have costed 10 Euro.
Still not too expensive.
Now, if they HAD kept the weapons DLC only, the price could be lifted to 15 Euro.
That’s for the Alpine Unrest.

FNIX Rising then: Return to mainland could have worked, if:
Machines were FNIX and APOC class. (Coming from Hjimfall, to get confronted with Proto machines, or military? Bad idea.)
The quests were slightly more expanded.
IMHO, this should have been a (maybe whole new island???) different, stand-alone island.
Do understand, my GOD I love the new looks and feeling of the main island, but it basically ruined the DLC.
Well, every newbie player sees ALL before the DLC even began, no?
Not the best tactical selling idea.
Now imagine this was a new island… how great would that have been.
Add a new machine type, with 2, MAYBE 3 (I would NOT wand Military) classes present, being this FNIX/Apoc.
MAYBE add a new weapon.
Still, if FR was done like this, the price could been 15 euro again.
For what it is, then, 10 main and 10 side missions… well…
8 Euro is a decent price.
Wait, how so, a total of 20 missions and nothing else…???
What about the changes on the map then?
Again the mistake of the first DLC…
That was, and truly nice of them, of course!!!, given to all… for free…

From a business perspective, not a bright thing to do, really… :frowning:

This one is in the eye of the beholder, and not my right to address, as I am opinionated.
That said: IF the powers that be would choose to DO give a compensation, it does not have to be a reduction in price.
Let’s say: PS4 will get a complete, brand new outfit, voted upon from a select few sets of clothing. Comes with a unique weapon.
XPBOX then, as their issues “are not that grave”, would get for instance a new colour scheme on their military uniform.
PLEASE NOTE!!! these are NOTHING but mere EXAMPLES, not even ideas.

What I’m trying to say is, there are many ways to compensate for reason A to Z.

I just hope, their business approach will get smarter.
Being nice is great, but it does not pay one’s dinner.

Another mistake was to release FNIX, while PS4 had such issues…
That too MANY figured to be quite unfair, to be honest.
Did not make great news, either, sadly.

Hence I am a wee saddened, they launched FR either way.

Long ago, I gave the idea to get a much bigger test team, for VERY logical reasons, and very well motivated.
Sadly that got ignored, with the consequences thereof…
Causality is a bi… not nice lady!

Yet another big mistake.
I’ve always advocated for optionality.
For very good, logical, pragmatical reasons…

Such a shame, really…

I am so much in love with GZ, and these mistakes hurt me.
Especially since they were so easily to prevent.
For probably the best of reasons they chose otherwise, but seemingly failed to think of causality.
Being nice, or pressured, or… just won’t help…
On the contrary…

Still, I won’t trade GZ in for any other game!
GZ rocks like an Impaled Nazarene song!
While sure, there were a few mistakes, and yeah, a bug or two happened along the line… this game is what it is… Bloody, gruelling DAMN awesome.

I pray for those with bugs, that things will turn around soon…
Like… maybe last year or so…

My two cents.

Been told my post is too long, my apologies.
I only tried to motivate/explain what I wrote about.

I try not to do this, but sometimes… I can’t not do it…
As I do not want my points to come across in a different way.

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Although a bit confusing and too much extensive.
@Xogroroth has a point in many of the Topics he wrote about.

  • A compensation in terms of Free DLC does not seem right, and the price is already low, but they could compensate players in terms of giving all special timed event apparel to date, that code is already ingame, it should not bring any bugs (I think?).

  • They could also make a compromise to all GZ players, a compromise to not make patches available before being properly tested, because only a fool can say they have been well tested.

This Seems fair and reasonable, also a good PR move by them.
If they want to keep working on Generation Zero, customers need to feel they have a stable product, and for the game to move forward it needs to be fixed and stable again.
There has been already too much negative news about the game, this would minimize a bit of it, even if some players will still feel the need for better compensation.


Thank you, sir.

If we all co-operate, we can turn the tide.
It will require a leap of faith from Avalanche, but, if they chose to do so, I am sure, they will benefit from it… :slight_smile:

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I come back to see a community slightly divided on the subject.

Let me clarify a bit. :slight_smile:

I am not specifically asking for PS4 ONLY compensation but something across the board for ALL platforms.
My initial wording could have been a bit more precise.

The point of this should be seen from a developers/publishers point of view.

Generation Zero has been plagued with a very rocky start from the day it launched.
Something close to a minimum viable product has been put on the market for us to enjoy.

Ever since, every single patch and update has been plagued with bugs upon bugs, crashes and whatnot. Simple fact, undeniable.
(And yes: I hear some fanbois screaming already… DON’T!, because you are wrong.)

The way to a “succesful” game - or rather the path in the gaming industry can be split up as follows - 2 of the extreme ends:

1: The (dreaded) EA Games way: Publish a (shitty) broken, overhyped, 13 in a dozen game and “update” it to a minimum viable product.
Ignore the playerbase, pretend to “engage” with the community and milk them for all their money and more. Rinse & Repeat.

2: The Hello Games (No Man’s Sky) way: Publish a broken minimum viable overhyped product.
Catch a crap ton of flak from all sides for lying.
Offer excuses to all involved, refunds, start patching and updating the game for FREE and turn it into EVERYTHING promised at launch and more.
With free updates and content and NO monetization of ANY kind still coming out regularly.

Now… Which one of the above patch will lead to more goodwill, potential more engagement, more players and more investment over time?
Pick one.

Our GenZero developers seem to still have to make this choice… Or they have already chosen a path and we don’t really know.
But it would be a good point in time right now to start considering something like this.

Thus is why I ask for a sort of compensation like this.
6 Months on PS4 with a broken game… the other platforms also suffering from all sorts of crazyness.

The moment is ab so lutely right to now start considering creating some honest goodwill for any and ALL players.

Because if there are people like me… I would love to recommend GZ to people, but I simply can not do it.
I personally love the world, the concept and whole idea this universe ingame, but I can not share it with others because of the stupifying amount of bugs and things wrong with Generation Zero. And I am most likely not alone in this.

Thanks for reading and understanding, this should clarify things more.

In a way, sir, we do get some compensations.
Some weapons were released free for all, clothing has…

What do you precisely understand with compensation?
Free DLC, that cannot be, sir, as they REALLY need the already low income they have atm with GZ.
So… yeah… what type of compensation then?
It’s a very broad pool of possibilities, ainnit?

I am talking about a future way of “creating goodwill” amongst all players, fans and possible fans.

However, I do not know - nor am I to decide what that exactly should be.
This is up for the Devs to decide, not me or anyone else.

And on a side note:
Free DLC should exactly be one of the many things they could possibly come up with.
Nothing draws players in more then a big freebee - go and take a look at No Man’s Sky for example.
Monetizing everything because you have no money is not always the right way to do things. Especially not in the gaming industry.
Give away something nice and the word will spread. And I personally will be the first one to do so.

Again: I am not specifically asking for free DLC here.
That is all up for the Devs to figure out how to create goodwill, restore trust from the playerbase and build from there.

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Goodwill isn’t created by how much stuff is given out for free but instead how well the stuff works.

Also, you’re already getting quite a bit of stuff for free, to name them:

  • revamp of South Coast and Southern Farmlands
  • new machine - Apocalypse harvester
  • new melee weapons - sledgehammer and baseball bat
  • new crafting schematics - 3*, 4* and 5* ones
  • new crafting resources - Aluminum, Titanium and Tungsten
  • new challenges
  • new apparel items
  • ability to go prone

As for DLC, that you’ll need if you want to play the new main and side missions, extending the lore. And to play 2nd set of new challenges as well.

At this point, i really don’t get your issue. You’re already getting a plethora of free stuff but somehow, it still isn’t enough? :thinking:


First of all Everything that you mentioned should have been in the game from the start ( survival game) except the revamps since those depends on player feedback. Ability to go Prone should be in from the start ( you saying that it is considered a freedlc is simply disrespectful).

If the devs are really genuinely sorry for the mistakes and issues, then one of the ways to show that is to offer a major dlc for free ( making basic stuff for free like going prone/ crafting … in a survival game is not enough).

@Aesyle The ability to go prone and a very simple modified version of the Harverster( APOC class) should not be considered DLC, the Harvester should already be available with The Alpine Unrest DLC.

@Gunny47 But she has a point with the rest, we gradually have free stuff, new weapons and upgrades to the environment and to the crafting system , and also apparel (which is useless but in most games you have to pay hard cash for useless clothes and costumes).

  • The DLC story is optional, and it´s cheap 7.99, if you check for most games DLC, it´s usually from 14.99 to 25 Euros/Dollars. And some of them are quite empty and dull…

  • I don´t know when you did get the game, but the game improved month after month, adding new stuff.

  • They did mess up big time after April 2020, and I agree they should compensate players, they must give people new reasons to trust them, they announced the new update that will “supposedly” fix the game, and many people including myself are a bit afraid that it´s just going to bring more crashes, specially to the PS4 which did not receive any prior update to serve as “Test” (as Xbox version did), people not trusting them is no good at all.

  • Giving free DLC is…bad for business, if they did that we can´t expect they will have the financial support to keep adding DLC for the game.
    Having said that, I do understand your opinion.
    Even if not giving free DLC, they could look around and take notes from No man´s sky Team, one that managed to go from Failure to Success.
    I think they could make some sort of compromise, so that this never happens again, it´s better to wait 3 months for the next big update than having it available on December 2020 and crashing everyone´s game.

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Please read Gunny and Mr_A’s replies and mine again.

The point is that I am not specifically asking for any schtuff in particular.

The point is that the developers should start to act on restoring broken trust.
The word must go out that these guys are actually working hard to actually fix their game and not break it with every next update.

Do not hammer me about your failure to understand this please.

Putting new stuff in a new paid DLC is not the way it should be done, no matter how cheap it is priced.
Especially if it contains things that should have been (or be) in the base game (from the start).

However; in contrast to what Mr_A says: Giving out free DLC is actually good for business - see the Hello Games - No Man’s Sky amount of success.

The short of it:

Trust has been broken for a long time now and it took the biggest hit in April 2020.
That must be restored some way, somehow.
And if I was one of the devs or someone in charge, I would be engaging with th community like crazy right now.

  • Show actual presence on the forums (do they do that? No!)

  • Use any other multimedia channels not to promote the current 'oh hey look at our insert random machine/weapon here -picture. Instead to communicate to people and actually respond to criticasters. Angry feedback is not to be ignored - it is often the most valuable form of feedback.

  • Hand out any free schtuff you can, whenever you can.

  • Regular actual hotfixes - weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Have people actually TEST things and listen to their feedback.

  • Reserve bigger content updates until complete and fully tested.

  • Get down on all fours and take it from all sides while saying sorry.

  • Engage with the community and playerbase as a whole.
    That is what needs to be done right now.

All because one cannot simply rely on a broken minimum viable product, talk proudly about it, ignore haters and keep holding up hands for cash and expect people to actually fork over said cash.
That only works for blind fanboys, which are the absolute minority of players in the playerbase. Unless that is all the players you have left and all others have run away.

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All I’m seeing here is a whole bunch of “should’s” and “want’s”. In addition, a whole lot of ignorance and disrespect towards the developers, which is the exact opposite towards what the discussion is about. The last reply in particular, which I’ll use as an example to set the record straight and summarize.

That’s exactly what you’re saying though, why are you contradicting yourself? You shut down opinions not of your own, and demand change according to your own logic. That’s not how a discussion forum works.

They act on this by repairing damage, aka fixing the game as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
How is this not good enough?

There has been nothing but news that work is underway to fix the most prevalent issues, haven’t you seen the dev letters? Releasing free DLC to stem the tide wouldn’t solve any of this.

The more you insult others, especially moderators, the less credibility you have.

Again, more demands. Pointless.

You bring up one of the worst examples without a food for thought as to why.
I’ll never buy from Hello Games. Why? Because they outright lied to their fanbase before release, just to make more money.

No amount of free DLC is going to somehow undo the fact that Hello Games stooped lower than EA have done in the past in favor for cashing in. But many players chose to ignore that, because they got free DLC. In the real world, that’s called a bribe.

Don’t assume you’re speaking for everyone, that’s rude and not welcome behaviour on the forums.

There is almost daily developer activity on the forums, helping users with issues they are having and talking about various feature requests and feedback. And yet they’re a small team, but they still come here every week. What more do you want?

Just as the above reply there’s activity on other media platforms.

Angry feedback is not to be ignored - it is often the most valuable form of feedback.

That is, provided that said feedback is constructive, polite and follows the forum guidelines.
Nobody is going to bother with a post that’s throwing insults in your face, demanding things.

What happened to:


Which would be doable if the team did not consist of 30 or so people, where the actual Q&A branch was just a few persons and a handful of beta testers. They do what they can with what they have.

This is being done as efficiently as possible.

Again, it’s being done as efficiently as possible. Could it be done better? Of course.

They’re doing what they can with what they have. Again, could it be done better? Of course. And it’s likely, they’re trying to improve on such aspects of development with the help from useful criticism and advice from the playerbase, like is being done now.

Nobody is being ignored. But you need to understand that the guys handling community-related services and public relations can’t be everywhere at once. Priorities need to be made, especially in times like these, which are hard on many businesses. Can it be done better? Probably. But that would take time and resources, which sadly isn’t always available.

Now let’s keep the discussion going in this thread civil and constructive.


It WAS in from the start, sir!!!
But it worked poorly, and got therefore taken out.
Thus that is an invalid statement.

As for the rest, sir, that’s equally invalid, as that were updates.

4 machine types… 4 classes… the same bloody machines with a tad more armour slapped on, a different weapon and different ammo in some cases does not make that a good machine.
We need more machine types.
Slapping on armour is basically a “lazy” approach, I would dare say, sir?

Agreed, sir, as I said as well.

IMHO, the only way to do this is not through freebies, sir, but getting their act together.
No more classes, no more bugs, but ACTUALLY new stuff.
Mainland revamp was DAMN awesome though, sir.
So was Hjimfall.

They CAN do it… they’ve proven this…
And I truly believe after this BAD setback for consoles, things will change back.
But they seem to even have overcome that obstacle.

And just that, is what brings trust, IMHO, the fact they do not give up, and do all they can to make it work, no matter what holds them back…

Giving free dlc is Not Bad for Business, in fact its the opposite , it shows that devs respect the players and understand what gaming is all about. For example look at Ghost of Tsushima, that game was released in perfect condition, almost everyone loved the game and thanked sucker Punch for a Masterpiece, and what did SP do in return? they did not just say thanks they simply announced a Whole new DLC ( 2-player story/4player survival mod/ and a Raid) FOR FREE, they could have charged us but they did not simply becasue its their way to thank the players for support.

Now making DLC paid when the base game its self is a mess clearly shows that devs priorities content over fixes ( even if they spent a whole year on fixes and still it have alot of issues ) look at Anthem/Fallout 76 those games came from AAA devs who care about money, they release paid dlc one after the other without adding the most baisc elements that any game should have.

All am saying is that Systemic Reaction should not walk in the footsteps of these AAA devs especially Systemic Reaction is still a small studio ( dont shoot your self in the leg while you are still young) build a goodwill with your player base.

They did.
You got bikes, plundra, LMG, …
All those were PLAYER requests, sir.

I don’t think gifting the DLC to ps4 users would be the right way to go after you’ve had PC and xbox users pay for it. Like many others, you fail to consider the fact that money IS a great factor and many decisions (whether or not there will be paid DLC, when it should be ready, how expensive it will be) are not made by the people who program the game, make the sounds or animate the weapons. They’re made by people who have no idea about the problems that could be there, and they don’t care. They care about seeing a certain amount of revenue at a certain point in time.
Prioritizing between meeting those deadlines and simultaneously living up to the players’ expectations and bringing them new content they want AND delivering a finished and polished product is INCREDIBLY hard and as a dev, you can NEVER satisfy everyone.
Don’t accuse the devs of not caring about you just because they did something you consider bad, try to see the bigger picture


I get it, and Anthem and Fallout 76 are the worst possible examples :sweat_smile: .
I´m just saying that in their case is bad for business because they don´t have the financial support other games have.
No man`s sky is a small team, but they Have Sony backing them up, because No man´s sky was supposed to be a big deal, and after it was fixed it actually is Amazing ( I even got it :wink: ).
Anthem has EA for financial support, and Fallout 76 Bethesda, they can loose money by investing in the game.
Now about GZ they need the money from the DLC to keep investing in the game, that is the only reason I say it´s bad for business.
By Mid December if things worked out and if there are no more mistakes, they should have from all the 3 platforms the necessary funding to keep this going on.
In the end there is risk in giving free DLC and there is Risk in not giving it freely.


Sir, in truth, no one ever actually said this.
It was a possibility.
The OP agreed, it could be something entirely different: a battle suit, a weapon, a set of both, …
Merely saying, good sir.


And again: Amen!