Playing On a PC With Low CPU Core Count? Try the GZ Test Build Now!

Hello Everyone,

and Happy Holidays! Working with our coming update, we identified a bug causing a crash issue on machines with low CPU core counts (i.e., below minimum specs for the game), affecting some of you players. Since it’s the holiday season and many of you will have extra time to play the game during this time, we’ve done a quick fix for this problem and pushed out a test branch for you to play on. This will make the game run much better for you if you are one of the affected players.

This test branch is called: GZ_Test, and our plan is to have this running for approximately two weeks, and if everything goes well, we’ll roll it into the main branch of the game at that point. To access this branch, all you have to do is opt-in to it as if it’s a beta using Steams regular beta opt-in. The password for the branch will be: Wipt3E2f1c41, and it is live at this moment.

The only change to this build is to help players with this one specific issue. Other users should not notice any difference! You should be able to play with your friends without a problem using this branch. If you, for some reason, can’t do that, they can also use the test branch. There should be no impact on their game by doing this.

We hope you all have a great holiday and would love to hear if this fix works for you or not.



Thanks. I’ve opted into Steam beta Update. There are no other selections in the drop down except NONE.

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You also have to input the password that was given, you will then have access to test branch to play the game.

To add onto this topic tho, ive seen some report on Discord this is now allowing them to play the game after the constant crash issues.

Was it a new bug, or just a very very old one?

It’s like another game, with own folders for safegames. But you may copy your files over there.

Watch this of @tene bris.

Thanks ! I’ll try…

On the configuration Windows 7 64-bit, CPU Pentium G3460, RAM 16 GB, Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 570 Twin Frozr III everything works. The flight is normal, the quality is quite good…

Beta geht auf i3 nun gut.:slightly_smiling_face:
Auf GForce-Now war sogar das neue Menü schon von ganz alleine da.

PS.:Spiele Nur SPs,da 🙂 EDVA-ddr Rentier,kann nicht Englisch daher.. Bissl Amiga+IBM360 etw.zusammassemblern geht schon.:slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: Aber nen google-translator kannste schon ruhig benutzen.

Beta goes well on i3 now.
On GForce-Now even the new menu was there all by itself.

PS.: Games only SPs, because :slightly_smiling_face: EDVA-gdr reindeer, can’t speak English therefore… Assembling a bit of Amiga+IBM360 sth

Well, I don’t know if this fits what he wanted to tell us… But most important is, it runs well now.

@Wynnyone Which new menu? (welches neue Menü?)

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Das mit der Weltenauswahl(1bis4).
Ja,ja mein Sub-Sächsisch…:seufz:
Die Schalt-Kladden des GSS1056 waren
Russsch,aus’m Angelsächsischn{anno1985]:wink:

Am Menü wurde ein Fenster,rechts,zukurz ,nur 1x eingeblendet.
Es stand da,Experimental-Waffen wären in Lagerbox xy.
Wo ist gleich diese ?
Eine mit je immer zwo Raketen habe ich.
Früher irgendwo aufgelesen,sammel dies…:slightly_smiling_face:

@Wynnyone Bitte nächstes Mal Google Übersetzer benutzten. Nicht jeder in diesem englischsprachigen Forum hilft dabei. Deine Frage könnte ignoriert oder gelöscht werden.

Please use google translator next time.
A window on the right, too short, was only displayed once on the menu.
It said experimental weapons were in storage box xy.
Where is this one?
I have one with two rockets each.
Picked up somewhere earlier, collect this…

I don’t know this message, but since now experimental weapons are just possible loot from rivals and base defenses or assaults.
Maybe you got one from an assault.

Ich kenne diese Nachricht nicht. Bisher gibt es experimentelle Waffen nur als möglichen Loot von Rivalen oder wenn du einen Basisangriff oder eine Basisverteidigung abgeschlossen hast. Bei den letzten beiden Alternativen werden die direkt in dein Inventar gelegt.

Yes, I used to have a base.:slightly_smiling_face:

And something with 3 sprockets would also be nice.:no_mouth::recycle:

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