Please add Human NPCs


To be fair the game feels different knowing you are the only human left on the islands, so what i thought was avalanche could add a few NPCs that live in safe houses you unlock or a few roaming around the map. Even a trader would be cool. Any sort of NPC would be good so that the feeling of not being alone would make the difference the players need and want


i honestly do not think many civilians would stay on that island by freewill, and the best theory why there is no humans left I’ve heard is the machines are using any humans/animals to make bio fuel. But who knows what Avalanche have in storage for us ;D excited


Yes, surely there’d be handful of survivors, who couldn’t make the evacuation. Or even scenario’s/or cutscenes of soldiers fighting, but then losing to the robots.


I think it would ruin the feeling of mystery to introduce NPC’s into the game. I really like that “I am Legend”-feel of being the only living human in a world populated by hostile robots.
Having NPC’s would take away from that and ruin the immersion I believe.


I completely agree, this game is so fun with friends but can get quite boring by yourself due to that feeling of knowing you’re the only human left on the island which means it’s you vs the world, but if they add in some kind of human NPCs, solo play might become a lot better as well as gameplay becoming more interesting due to NPC interactions such as trading etc.


I made a comment before about how I feel about NPCs. My thoughts haven’t changed on it.