Please adjust inventory slider [solved]


The new multiple item slider is awesome. We have never been able to share some of an item. Like I have 10 flares and want to give my buddy 5.

HOWEVER, there is zero acceleration. I play on PS4, and holding the button to change the amount is the same no matter how long I hold it. I just wanted to grab 1,000 rounds of ammo from a 2,000 pile in storage. I had to wait nearly a minute for the slider to go from 2,000 to 1,000. It takes 4-5 seconds per hundred.

Please please please add acceleration or someway to just specify an amount.


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Have you tried moving the joystick downwards and upwards to increase slider acceleration?



I just tried a bunch of combos on the controller. You have to hold the left direction pad and the left joystick. It’s awkward, but it works!

I’ll take 5 seconds of awkward over 1 minute of aggravation. :grin:

[update] specifically on the PS4, left direction pad and DOWN on the left thumb stick. Thanks again to Zoleux.

The new inventory is a disaster!

I love the new Inventory system. It is everything I asked for! The only problem I have with it is when I get like 4000 ammo in my box, but I only want to take out 1500, I have to hold back the joystick, or hold down the left button in the D pad for like 20 minutes to get the number down where I want it. :3

Is there any way to allow tapping the shoulder button while moving ammo to skip ahead or back 500 rounds or so? Just something for those ammo hoarders among us to make it more user-friendly? :3


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@DinoThunderlung take a look of Zoleux comment for faster scroll option with controller.



So I’m sure console players like me are feeling the pain of grabbing so much ammo from a plundra it takes up half your invent which sucks because if I want to take less I need to wait half an hour for the bar to slowly slide across on console. So I can only really hold that one weapon if I want both ammo types. Could we have a split in half button in future? Or stack bullets into 2000’s so you can take enough but not a crazy amount. If its not in this update could the devs please work on it to be in the next one for consoles and Im sure it would be welcomed on pc too though not as useful. Do you agree? :disappointed:


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@Admiralgamer take a look of Zoleux comment for faster scroll option with controller.



I’ll try it but it looks to me like it might be for PS4 but ill give it a try


Hi y’all I recently bought the game from the Xbox sale and I’m having a great time playing, the reason I’m here is on the Xbox console the slide bar that transfers ammo from storage to my character is way to slow if I’m after a certain amount to transfer. I’m aware it goes a lill faster if I hold the d pad and hold the joystick at the same time but it really needs a buff when transferring larger quantities of ammo. Cheers and looking forward to the new dlc in a few days.


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It would be convenient if we could type the exact amount of the thing we want to do something with.


I just think a take half button would be a great help


Xbox one controller : Transferring ammo 1 bullet at a time is slow. How about left and right transfers 100 bullets at a time while up and down tranfers 1 bullet at a time?


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@Mutantpops take a look of Zoleux comment for faster scroll option with controller.



(This is on Xbox by the way) For me I have 9,000 ammo for one category and it is hard to only transfer a few hundred into my inventory beucase I can when trying to put in have much ammo you want tk take out it is a slide thing that can only go down one at a time so to choose to only transfer a 1000 ammo I have to go down 8,000 one at a time which takes for ever. You should be able to go down hundreds at a time instead of just one.


Sir, you can drop the whole stack, and then take smaller amounts back.
I think that would go a lot faster?

Another idea could be a small in-inventory-plundra window where you can put in a certain numeric value.


You make a very valid point. The D pad selection of down should jump by the 100 reducing the time scrolling. Few things I could help with -

Down on the D Pad & Thumbstick does speed it up slightly, still tediously slow but it is faster.

Going from Plundra to inventory you can’t pad out the inventory cap so you just add the weight on becoming over encumbered. However, if your looking to set up your Plundra from mule you can pad out with a heavy weight item leaving enough weight for what you need, then remove the heavy weight item back to mule.

Hope it helps,



Agree. This needs to be changed to a percent instead of a number. OR, have a choice.


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