Please unlock FPS lock for pc

I agree with @0L0 here.

While you may get 144 FPS at 1080p (1920x1080), you will not get the same FPS at ultrawide 2K (3440x1440) since as 0L0 already said, there are 2.5 times more pixels on the screen and your hardware, especially GPU, has to work 2.5 times harder to render all that. And since the load on hardware is higher, it can’t possibly produce the same FPS as with lower reso.

RX Vega 64 is equal to RTX 2060 and GTX 1070 Ti. All three GPUs, while capable for 2K (2560x1440), have to work harder for ultrawide 2K, thus lowering the end result (FPS).

As far as “high end” goes, at current date, in enthusiast computing world, “high end” is considered RTX 3080.

For example, i have GTX 1660 Ti and compared to your RX Vega 64, it has, on average, only 14% lower performance. I play on 1080p since i have 1080p monitor and i’m comfortable on that reso. Btw, my in-game graphics settings are all on Ultra. And my average FPS you saw from the video i linked above.

Best way to test your hardware is to benchmark it. For that, Unigine Superposition is one of the best programs. It has some fixed presets but you can also choose Custom preset and change values within it. E.g you can choose your 3440x1440 reso + put Shaders and Textures to High and run the benchmark. I doubt that you can get your average FPS anywhere near to 144 FPS.

Give it a go. :slight_smile: :+1:

I can start things off. Just benched my rig and here’s what i got:

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Just for comparison:


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you know what am gonna drop this really.
I can’t find the problem or it’s just me having a weak GPU thinking not long ago it could crank up high frames at the time. “feels like the old girl is slowing down…”

I see bunch of games that can’t even hit over 90fps.
heck I should be happy even if I got games at all to play with this GPU :smiley:

So, you did run Unigine Superposition benchmark within either 1080p High preset or with your custom widescreen reso preset and the results weren’t what you were expecting? :smiley:

Though, i’m still wondering what results your hardware gets with 1080p High preset. :thinking: Care to share the results screen with us? :slight_smile:

The thing with hardware is, that when bought at their launch date, they are usually high-end (if you don’t buy the same series lower version, that is) and time goes by fast, until at one point, you come to a dreaded realization that your “high end” PC isn’t high end anymore.

When i bought my rig 5 years ago, my i5-6600K was the best CPU for gaming since Skylake family CPUs were the latest gen. Only i7-6700K was better from it but i7 and it’s hyperthreading didn’t do anything towards gaming. In some games, it actually hurt the performance. So, i5-6600K was the best CPU for gaming back then and i had “high end” PC.
Now, years later, my 6th gen Intel Core i5 CPU is nowhere near to the performance of 11th gen Intel Core i5 (on average, i5-11600K is 62% better) but my CPU is still solid and it gets all the tasks done i’m asking from it. :smile:
Of course, PC doesn’t compose only from CPU or GPU and other components that i have in it, are still considered “high end”, even at this date. E.g Seasonic PRIME 650 (80+ Titanium) PSU (with 12 years of warranty and it’s the best 650W PSU money can buy) or Corsair ML120/140 Pro LED mag-lev bearing fans.

In the end, with any PC, you need to consider that hardware ages and in time, also looses some of it’s performance. With desktop PCs, upgrading the PC is easiest and GPU is often the 1st component that gets upgraded first. CPU upgrade is rarer and when upgrade comes by, there is already new architecture out where upgrade usually ends with new CPU-MoBo-RAM combo.

no I did not test that I only got Heaven and one more benchmark tool.
My GPU is 3 gen old.
I’m sort of considering being 4 gen until I change it with a new one.

Unigine Superposition is free to download from their site, just like Unigine Heaven and Unigine Valley are. Just put the name into the Google to find it. :slight_smile: