Plunder Box - make it easy to sort

Please, please, make it easy to sort out your stuff in the plunder box, how about simply being able to delete (drop, throw out or discard) stuff you no longer want. Having to take it onto your person, then exit the box, then go into your inventory, scroll through to find it again then drop it is a pain … a simple ‘delete’ feature is all we need. The scrolling system is a nightmare too, if you have 2 or more of the same things - I’m thinking especially scopes, silencers, mags, etc please can it say that I have 2 under the same line and not have one at the top and another at the bottom of a huge scrolling menu, it’s a nightmare to go through. Every now and then I have to write down what I have to try and sort it out.

My first post here, bit of a moan but I wonder if the devs listen as this seems a topic I see mentioned over and over. Otherwise really enjoy the game, but I’d rather be playing it than doing an hour of admin … :crazy_face:

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