Plundra: Cursor can spawn in unreachable position without capacity skill (PS4)

Edit: Ps4 in solo session when bug occured
Upon starting a new character I quickly realized I couldn’t access the inventory of the storage box nor could I access my own while looking in the storage box menu. Theres a way around it by getting the carry capacity skill level one.

So its pretty easy to see that its caused from where the cursor is spawned. The cursor is spawned on the fourth row down second row from the right square in the characters inventory, the importance of that is the forth row is locked until you buy the skill so when you try to open the menu you cant move the cursor on a locked box therefore not being able to move it and being unable to access the boxes inventory.

I can provide video if that helps at all and/or if necessary

Disclaimer I checked and didnt see that this bug had been reported already, if its already reported ill remove this.


I think something like this has been reported before. Not sure which thread though…

Good observation with the cursor position. So you are not playing on PC?

There is an intro on how to report bugs the most helpful way:

I searched and couldnt seem to find this exact bug, they were all duplication glitchs from what i could find. But yeah i didnt think to add any of those specifications i was in a solo session on ps4 when i encountered the bug.

I did notice that the cursor is based off of where it was left in the box last so on my main account i left the cursor in the bottom it wont appear on another characters menu but if i leave it in the top it will. The video explains it better so the bugs not as bad as i thought but is still annoying.

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Please put this info right on top of your first post, so that everyone sees this immediately.

EDIT: You could also rename your thread to something like “Plundra: Cursor can spawn in unreachable position without capacity skill (PS4)”.

Plundra is the name of the box. And this thread title immediately tells what’s what. Great observational and deductive skills there!

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