POLL: Do you buy the DLC packs?

With the announcement of the Resistance paid DLC pack, I was a bit curious about what the community generally thinks about them. With no paid story DLC in almost two years since FNIX rising, it would seem the second stream of monetization is from DLC packs. So what do you think about it? if there is an option in the poll that doesn’t match your thought then please comment it.

Do you buy DLC packs and why
  • Yes: I want the items
  • Yes: I buy to support devs
  • Yes: I buy because I want items and support devs
  • No: I don’t like packs because it or can be pay 2 win
  • No: (guns) They dont add much in terms of lore and feel shoehorned
  • No: I just don’t want to buy it

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Personal opinion: The actually idea is good. However aside from the Soviet pack, I feel like the rest are uninspired. US pack 1 and 2 don’t add the kind of US guns Sweden did actually have in their army and therefore I think it’s cheap, considering the guns we did get are the more popular ones seen in other games. With the yet to be released Resistance pack, I feel it would have worked well…in a zombie or a human to against nature fight. In general it’s disappointing that weapon packs doesn’t have any form of lore in the game and just only appear in the plundra, advertisements on social media and store page lore isn’t really interesting. It seems small but the world building of this game feels fragmented because the story is told outside of what you play. Yes there is the revamps, but they suffer because there is no continuity and is always changed after a new update, wich can create FOMO if there is a change that implies something big but you missed it. In terms of gameplay it can lead to oversaturation and paid items could cost more than the game it self.

As for the base defense I’m far more negative with them. While it does get “free” items, the paid packs can lead a major shift in difficulty because it changes how the base defense gets played out. Considering it gets paid stuff during it’s development and not after feels sketchy as it can feel like a feature that you actually have to pay for separate from the game.

Extra question (you don’t have to answer this one if you came for the poll)
Generation Zero is advertised as a finished product, however I disagree since new content depiste quality feels essential to the game and not something that is optional. If GZ was advertised as early access then I don’t think weapon packs and defense packs would be that popular. Would you agree with that?


I’m not sure what I think, I’m all for supporting indie teams and small businesses, but they keep using my money to pump out broken and clearly uninspired content.
There is a fine line between support and bootlicking, and I refuse to cross it.

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Is Systemic Reaction a small business? They are as big as Coffee Stain Studios, and both studios are owned by two different conglomerates.

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Honestly I don’t know what I think about the last two DLCs.

I’m on console so I have not gotten the hot fix yet, but there is already a add on the the broken base defense and now a announcement of a new weapon pack (with a date) but still the hot fix for console is “high priority” without any date…

So “supporting the devs” feels… hmmm… off!?


I’m on PS4, and I grabbed all the DLC prior to the US Weapon Pack 2. However I haven’t bought any of the new ones because I don’t want even more sidegrade weapons clogging up loot drops (US Pack 2) and I literally can’t use the other ones (Base Packs).

Thoughts on the DLC Packs:

*Whatever Cosmetic Pack - Just bought it to support the devs

*US Pack 1 - A Glock reskin (M9), an FN MAG sidegrade (M60) and a direct downgrade to the AK5 (M16). Pretty terrible pack, and it’s really annoying how ubiquitous the M9 is in loot pools.

*Soviet Pack - Worst weapon in the game (SVD), an interesting weapon (AS VAL), and a sidegrade to the Carl Gustaf (RPG). Pretty good pack, though the SVD is insanely awful and the 5c AS VAL is wayyyyy too common of a drop. Really wish I could get all the 5c weapons I don’t have instead of 7+ VALs.

So very hit and miss. Personally I’m not going to be getting any new DLCs until they start fixing bugs (HEDP schematic inaccessible for months, Assignments completely broken for months, Base Stuff literally not appearing) or drop something really good like Alpine Unrest.


It was cool with new weapons at first. But now I think it’s getting to be too many that doesn’t really fit in the setting.


I buy the weapons packs to support the devs and maybe find a weapon which suits my playstyle. I don’t mind paying a few bucks if it has some advantage for me. But I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the weapons and really have to think about buying the upcoming one since I am pretty sure those weapons are as useful as a baseball bat. It might give a few giggles but I don’t think expecting more would only result in more disappointment.
From all the weapons packs I only use the Com-10 in CQC. The G79 is as useless as the Grg and the sniper rifles are just way too weak.

The base building is a bit ludicrous in my opinion. I don’t buy those DLCs since I avoid this part of the game.

P.S.: I wonder if the devs ever would introduce the M2 Browning, this would be the uber-weapon :rofl:


I think in this instance, these types of purchases are fine. There’s no nickel and diming taking place, and I for one am happy to pay for something I like. I know the line I’m not willing to cross, and these devs do not seem interested in enticing me to, either.

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I had a heck of a good time lvl up my char, and doing missions, and i want more of that, so i buy it all to get it all, and support dev.
Please make missions repeatable, and add daily, weekly missions.

And please fix that HEDP schematic and EMP.

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My girlfriend and I both buy the DLCs as soon as they are released and it is mainly in support of Devs but we do not support the base building at all. We very seldom play in the area of the base building. We also do not expect a story add on with a paid DLC due to those that do not get the paid DLC miss out on that addition. Story add on should be with updates that cost nothing.

We do hope that OUR support from paying for the things that are offered at a price also helps fund repairing and fixing the base game. But that should also be covered in the base game cost. Our biggest disappointment is the broken matchmaker that is preventing us from playing co-op regularly.

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I buy all of the DLC as soon as it’s released both to support the Devs and as a thank you for the +1,200 hrs I’ve spent with GZ since launch. I more than got my moneys worth from the original product, so I feel it’s only fair that I give something back as a thank you.

Hell, I even bought Second Extinction to support Avalanche, I played it too. Briefly. (At least SE is marked as early access so I guess its bugs are to be expected.)

However, having said that, I haven’t played GZ much for the last 10-12 months. The wait for the Resistance update on Xbox stalled my interest in it, then the poor quality of that update and of the content since then, combined with the change in direction has all but killed my interest in it.

I keep checking in here hoping to see something to reignite my enthusiasm for it and launching it for the occasional co-op session but I find it more frustrating to play with each lacklustre update, new bugs and content that just doesn’t appeal. But I guess somebody must like base building / defense, when it works.


I’m generally buying - and will continue to do so. However, I haven’t bought the latest base pack, and will also wait a bit with the next weapon pack. But I will eventually buy these 2.

But right now, I need to farm some cement first after the hotfix was released, to get some material for the new free base items (mostly walls). :sunglasses:

You missed the option “No: Wont buy it untill they fix the crashes+bugs” as an option.

With that said, I like that the Devs add more weapons. I like to mix it up with different load-outs BUT this next weapons pack + the base support pack is nothing I am going to buy untill the game actucally work.


You have a good point there.
Im still waiting for the Base assault/defense fix to buy the latest Base DLC.

The soviet one to be felt like it actually did fit in well. Would have been more interesting if we got weapons what would fit in the setting like you said. Like WW2 and NATO weapons (not the US guns).

Do you think we have way to many weapon packs? Considering it’s been almost 2 years since a proper story DLC. So far the general answer has been “buy because want item and support devs”. However buying for the sake of support in my opinion seems like people want more of the same, at least to the devs it can seem that way. Wich can lead to more weapon packs and the story being stuck in collectables.

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Good point, if I’d only grabbed the paid DLC that I actually use then it would consist of Alpine Unrest, FNIX Rising and the first US Weapons pack.

Everything else (cosmetics, weapons, base building etc.) has been a waste of the devs time, at least as far as my engagement with it goes.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t value giving the player options / variety with the DLC. I just wish the devs resources had been invested elsewhere, personally.

But from my purchase history, yeah, I guess it would look like I’ve been in favour of all of their creative choices. Maybe this is all my fault. :rofl:

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Regarding the usefullness of the weapons I would say yes. I bought every weapon pack till now and the only weapon that stays in my inventory is the COM-10. Every other weapon is basically useless in comparison to the stock weapons.

I still dream of a story DLC that can compete with Alpine Unrest.

Although I’m all for supporting the devs financially I only buy DLCs that bring me some form of benefit. This has two goals: 1. I don’t waste my money for stuff that’s superfluous for me and 2. it supports a sign of what may be of relevance for the player base.

Unfortunately for most weapon packs I did waste my money because I didn’t think the weapons would be that useless :rofl:


The question was for another user.
But i have to say, we are starting to have too many weapons.
After the next Weapons DLC, we will only be missing automatic shotguns, a powerful rocket launcher and emplaced weapons.
What is next? Vehicles?

The point is, we have too many weapons and too much ammo for such few enemies, not even the Soviet machines can balance the situation.
Most of the map is empty, towns are usually empty.

And then we have indeed the fair point about no more story dlcs since June 2020.


This is indeed a major problem. On my latest play session I could walk from Tylöveden to Arkelstorp (northern direction) without any machine in sight. What purpose does the amount of weapons have if you have to search for targets.