Poll: Your favorite machine type and class


Since the recent popularity of polls in the forums, here’s another one for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pick the favorite machine type and class from below. Multiple choices are available since some may like several. And feel free to comment down below why your choices are your favorite ones. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Underhållsmaskin 6 - “Myran” (Tick)
  • Spaningsmaskin 22 - “Korpen” (Seeker)
  • Stridsmaskin 30 - “Järven” (Runner)
  • Jaktmaskin 60 - “Ulven” (Hunter)
  • Ingenjörsmaskin 80 - “Oxen” (Harvester)
  • Stridsmaskin 90 - “Resen” / “Liemannen” (Tank)

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  • Prototype
  • Military
  • FNIX
  • Apocalypse
  • Reaper

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As far as my own favorite type goes, first one would be the cute puppies known as Runners. They are versatile, fast, come in several different configurations and i most love the adorable “woof-woof” sound they make sometimes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I also love tanks, since they are formidable enemy and i love to take my time when combating one, by strategically shooting out it’s components one-by-one. :grin:

For machine class, i like FNIX and apo the most. FNIX class used to be the pinnacle of machines when i 1st started out and i developed a respect and love towards them. I also love their color scheme: mostly black with few touches of red. :relaxed:
Since the addition of apo class, i like them as well because they are so different from all of the rest, while being very deadly. Their color scheme isn’t to my likening but i do like their radioactive theme and different sounds they make. :smiley:

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You almost made me a horrible person, when started out all cutie about skirmishers.
Harvesters are so adorable when they are helpless. Just look at this nutpie dancing:

Also, check out my new stage lights.

Oh, and Reaper - finally a challenge.
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Gotta say the fnix tanks because easy to farm and pretty good loot. Also I agree with @DeadWanderer about @Aesyle. You started with cute stuff talking about the dogs, then talk about taking your time dismantling the tanks :grimacing: scary :joy::joy: love the poll :+1:t3:

Lmao watching that harvester trying to stomp itself

Strange that the Harvester didn’t deploy gas when you were so close to him.

Nothing strange about that - it can’t spray gas, without gas sprayer.

Poll8: I wonder why Harvesters are called “Ingenjörsmaskin” which means something like Engineers- or Engineering machine?

I guess due to it’s supportive role, which is mainly gathering/salvaging and carrying resources. Basically setting up and maintaining stuctures. I won’t even be surprised if in future we’ll meet special class Harvester that is Reaper-hardened construction machine with all that additional arms and loaders. And small swarm of drones with tools attatched to their manipulators.

I just don’t get where it store it’s cargo - in description it stated, that one of intented Harvester’s role is carrying wounded people, so there must be coffin-sized (at least) space for cargo/loot. Most obvious “hanging ass” - is actually fuel tank compartment, but seeing them in cage-like stucture and barrel design I guess it’s a fuel tanks to fill up other robots and Harvester itself has own somewhere internally, so that “cage” - is it’s trunk.

I’m gonna go with Jaktmaskin 60 - Ulven.

An incredibly cool name, fitting the swedish army’s way of naming their weapons.
The Hunter is by far my favourite enemy to face in the game, and it’s been a ton of fun to see it develop and being worked on since the game launched. They’ve been brutal adversaries, and still command respect in some aspect, but my favourite is the Military type.

Partly because I enjoy their camouflage colour, but also because of the encounters I’ve had. I’ve faced these guys en masse, up to 20-30 at a time sometimes and their diverse arsenal and group behaviour always makes for an interesting challenge.

If I was to name a Rival after me, it’d be a Military Hunter.

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I always associated engineering with manufacturing, creating, building. While the name harvesters suggest collecting, and salvaging like you say. A bärgningsmaskin so to say.

I like the hunters because they were the thing I worried most about when trekking through the countryside. Hearing that metallic groaning then getting the “Peoples Elbow” from a 4 foot long blade would put me in a panic.
Though I do like the dogs. Those are always the ones you find around a locked door in a bunker, ready with a high explosive round for your chest.
The only ones I really dont like is ticks and seekers. I can never find seekers in the middle of all the pine trees and ticks always seem to find me when I have 5 health.

I’m a dog person :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and i can’t help that Runners are dogs in the game. They act like one, they sound like one and they even look like one (especially prototype class, which reminds me Golden Retriever :heart_eyes:).

:joy::joy::joy::joy: You kinda missed the joke or I did idk :man_shrugging: . I’ve only had one dog a jack russell terrier.

It’s a tie between Hunters and Runners. :wink:

Hunters, when in large numbers, are the biggest challenge you can encounter, not counting the Reaper.
Nothing is more intense than a battle with a large group of Hunters! However, I’m very worried about what has recently happened with their AI, since they have become noticeably more passive… In a group, not all of them will attack you at once. FNIX Hunter flechettes never hit you as long as you move. Hunter “snipers” never hit you unless you stand still. Even the Apoc Hunter cluster bombs don’t seem as relentless/ruthless as they were before. And they all seem far less interested in using their melee attacks, then what I seem to remember.
I sincerely hope the once dreaded Hunter can one day receive the AI revamp it deserves! :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Runners are so fun to fight, because you can use any weapon you want against them. You can cut down a horde of them in just seconds with any KVM, you can run up behind them and blast them with a shotgun, you can run from cover to cover and pepper them one by one with an SMG, you can go hunting from the bushes and 1-shot them in the fuel cell with the .44 Magnus or a silenced hunting rifle, or just beat them up with a brännboll bat if that’s your thing. :smile:

For me it’s ticks. I’m always have a good laugh when they try to hug but jump against a wall or else.

Prototype machines are easy at any difficulty. I almost pity them. And I’m always happy to encounter FNIX machines since military machines (esp. Hunter and Tanks) have aweful Aoe weapons (gas is still terribly implemented).