Possible Crash Work Around

Possible Generation Zero crash workaround

So I changed these settings last night after 3 - 5 crashes just about in a few hours of playing.
I do realize Alpine Unrest was released today, and I think I received a 12.8GB update which included a ton of bug fixes. However after trying this last night, the next 2.5 hours of game play went without a hitch, just curious if anyone else has tried this on PC and if they noticed more stability.

Additionally, I’d like to ask if people could try this and see if it helps them in general and improves the crashing issue, or if it reduces the crashing issue. Please report back if this helped, it’d be nice to know if we can implore some work arounds to have a more stable game while it’s still in development! Not a developer or affiliated with Avalanche in any way, just an IT guy that likes to game! Thanks in advance community!

System Specs:
Ryzen 7 1800x
32GB DDR4-3066Mhz
ASUS Rog Strix 2080 TI
Windows 10 Pro 1909 x64
Installed on 1TB nVme SSD
OS on 250GB Sata SSD

Which settings did you change?

No, running the game as admin doesn’t help.
That DPI scaling setting was on by default on my end.

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Go to your game directory
Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\GenerationZero

Right click GenerationZero_F.exe, left click properties, left click the Compatibility tab, left click Run As Administrator, left click Change High DPI Settings, left click Override high DPI scaling behavior, select Application in scaling performed by drop down, click ok, click apply and click ok, and you’re done.

It should look like this @Flick


Just curious, did you notice any kind of difference in terms of a reduction of crashes?

There was absolutely no difference.

My game stopped crashing when I travelled to the new island. There I had ZERO problems until region level got to 8 - then game started crashing after end of combat.

For a while I suspected that most of my crashes were caused by rivals, now I’m 100% sure.

Other regions in my game have levels from 13 (archipelago) to 18 (farmlands) - rivals count - 0

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Ahh man, I was hoping some of this stuff would help.

I’m currently working on some changes to my Nvidia GeForce Control Panel as well to see if any of that helps.
Currently I’m on the newest Nvidia drivers for my GPU. Latest Windows 10 updates, latest bios, etc. I’m just hoping I can provide some of my expertise to make this better for the community, even if it just reduces the crashes, I get I may be able to do nothing and it could just be bad game code :frowning:

I don’t think that this is a hardware, driver or configuration issue.

After the rivals update my game run perfectly. Crashes were extremely rare, and I played A LOT. About 10 days ago rivals stopped spawning for me (I could still find them in coop) and the crashing started.

I updated nvidia drivers on November 13th, but I just can’t imagine how it could be connected to what I described above.

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Yeah I just got Rivals today myself (Friend gifted it to me) but I have yet to play it, I’m hoping that with all the fixes I read in the patch notes today there will definitely be an improvement, especially with a 12.8GB download, but myself and the team I play with aren’t even closer to getting to the DLC area yet, so we’ll see, I guess I’ll report back anything I find.

Driver updates can easily be the cause of issues, because they usually involve improvements, and those improvements might change a process, so the newest driver might expect a game to call a .sys or a .dll file in a specific way, and without the improvement implemented in the game it calls it a different way and induces a crash, I believe the 0xc0000409 error I’ve been seeing people post is indicative of this.

When Apex Legends 1st came out and everyone was having crashing issue I posted a YouTube video on how to fix it via doing a clean uninstall of your Nvidia drivers and downgrading them to a much later version, this actually stopped the crashing issue, however at the time I was playing multiple games that needed specific driver versions, and so I was constantly having to swap the driver version for what game I was playing that day :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

That’s interesting… I get crashes, and I’ve been using the most up to date nVidia drivers. Would you be able to recommend a downgrade version?

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At this time I don’t have a version I’d recommend, and after today’s release of the Alpine Unrest DLC which should include a ton of bug fixes (You get the fixes even if you didn’t buy the DLC and you should get a 12.8GB update today) I don’t want to jump into switching driver versions too much until I read some of the feedback of the community and see what’s happening. I’m going to be monitoring the forums for the next 2 weeks, as that’s the next time I get holiday, if during that week I’m still reading about a lot of crashes then I might start messing around with different driver versions.

Problem is that there’s possibly been 50 + new drivers since the launch date of Gen Zero, and to truly test this theory or if it’s a possible work around I’d need to download each driver that’s been released since launch date, then clean install each one and test the game, and as the issue is inconsistent, getting a crash could take hours. Additionally since I only have 1 set of hardware that may not be a work around for everyone, and could only be a work around for people with similar hardware to my own. But either way I’d be willing to put in the work and report back my findings to the community to see if it can help others! :slight_smile:

The driver version that I updated to was 441.20, and before I had 43x… something.

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That is interesting. When I started playing the game it was really stable. Crashes started later-on with more progress, including region score of course.

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I’ll try with 440.97 drivers - those were released few days before rivals update.

Edit - 440.97 did nothing. Will try with 436.30.

Edit - 436.30 :-1:t2:

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Thanks for the reply and testing, I left for holiday so I won’t be on my PC for a few days but I think I have some older drivers I can test this weekend!

Apex Legends 20 series Nvidia fix

Here’s the YouTube video I posted on the Apex Legends issue. You can see if the driver version that I linked back then would work/help but just know those are really old drivers so what works for this game may break other games lol

Just an FYI for anyone that’s still crashing after the DLC update (I’m not) this may help some crashing issues, I’m going to reboot and test it today, hopefully if anyone else is having this issue it will help them as well, since the update I think I’ve had one crash total and that’s it, otherwise it’s been smooth sailing!

Tried the reddit fix and no dice for me. Game still crashes on me at completely random spots and tasks.