Post the ammount of Loot to find

It would also be super cool to include the function that you have collected everything there is in one place, not that you have forgotten something, e.g. an indication of the things that you are collecting: fireworks medication packs. etc., so that you know that you have found everything there to find, or at least an indication of the things. Such as fireworks: Number 5: Found: 2 out of 5

The loot you find inside the loot bags/boxes is random each time and not scripted. Due to that, it’s impossible to list all the items you could find at specific POI. That, and it would make the game boring if you already knew in advance what you’re getting.

Back in the early days, there was a loot box counter at almost every POI, e.g Loot: 0/66 at Vesslan. It made PITA to search bigger POIs in-depth to find all the loot boxes/bags to get your stat counter completed, e.g 66/66.

Here’s early game screen showing the Loot counter:

The loot box counter was removed along the way since it was broken on many ways:

  • it didn’t register all the loot boxes (e.g i opened loot box in POI and counter didn’t increase)
  • it didn’t show all the loot boxes (e.g it showed 0/0 while i found 6x and it ended up as 6/0)
  • it showed more than was actually available (e.g it showed 0/23 while there was only 18x loot boxes in the POI, making the final 18/23 after very extensive and in-depth search)

For devs, it was easier/faster to remove the buggy Loot counter all together rather than painstakingly going over every singe POI, correcting the values.


Yeah, the loot counter was annoying in locations where boxes spawned in unreachable places like lighthouse windows.

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