Proper survival mode

I’ve played a couple of hours now with my friend and I don’t think we are nowhere near done with the game, but all the time I’ve been playing I’ve been thinking of how good the game would be with a proper survival mode. Manage hunger, thirst and sleep. Maybe be able to add defenses to safe houses and on some nights have robot raids where if you’re not in a safe house your pretty much screwed. The first hour or two was scary but not anymore since we have found decent weapons to destroy the robots and some sort of tactic when it comes to larger hordes or enemies. I would like to experience the same fear I had when I was surrounded by dogs with a rusty Möller PP and no ammo, a fear like if I don’t find water soon I’ll die, or will I have enough food to fight these robots or will I have to go loot and come back. This is something I would like to be put into the game and I hope there are more people that would like to see a proper survival mode.

Ps: I haven’t seen anyone else asking for this so apologies if there already is a topic for a survival mode. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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