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You missed the bug where when the game crashes you loose all your saved data .

Another: Barcodes for Vesslan bunker despawn in single player if you gained access to the bunker while in multiplayer but do not finish the mission “The Home Team”

On the first bullet point for control issues; everything drifts in the actual game as well if your sensitivity is set to 10. Dropping to 5 seems to get rid of the issue (albeit at the expense of sensitivity.) Three Sony DS4s were used on multiple games with highest sensitivity settings and drift was only experienced on Generation Zero.

Also worth noting that mission markers disappear with the rest of the map icons and no tracking is available, causing you to wander around instead of having the guidance after quest items and hints have been found.

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So far I can not save anything. Period! Played for hours found lots of safe houses only to have the game start over every time I turn it back on!

Ps4 , xbox or pc is this fault

Anyone has the problem that lockpicking doesn’t work? Have the skill but it won’t work with any door. If I stare at the door and go to the skill tree then go back it says open but won’t work either.

There are two types of door:

  • Doors that open with a key.
  • Doors that open with a lockpick.

An example of doors that require a key are the doors to the loadout storages and doors locked as part of a quest.

An example of doors that require a lockpick are the ones on the large, green, four door building in the Vesslan Command Bunker courtyard.

Standing in front of any locked door and going to the inventory, map, etc., will make the door read Open upon your return.

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can’t throw grenades, smoke grenades, flares, fireworks

My stats go zero everytime i quit the game (always safezone at safe house)
Map also empty when return the game.

Avalanche to stop claiming restarting client will magically fix the sheer astounding number of bugs. Bethesda’s thank you card apparently in the mail. Unfortunately the postman has lost Avalanches address, can’t see their office on the map, and the postman claims turning it on and off again doesn’t make the building reappear.

The game crashes when using x-ray-sight scope-attachment, happened to me and my friends.

Was over at my friends playing on his account and noticed several bugs. If leaving the church on Norra Saltholmen, you will immediately phase through the ground and will be stuck in an endless loop of doing it unless you fast travel somewhere else. Another issue is when heading to the first castle on the first island, my friend jumped right next to a building, got launched over 60ft in the air, and got stuck in a lake without being transported back to ground like you normally would. The last major bug I noticed is for inventory. When I picked an item up and didn’t want it, I would click the button to remove it, but it stayed in inventory. When I looked at the ground, there was several of that item in a bag all stacked. The only solution was moving away from the bag.

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Hi everyone, new member here.
Just want to check if anibody else noticed the loot changes since the patch, i use to have no problem getting acces card but now theire gone for good. Also, before the patch, the model of the robots mean different type of ammo to loot, now it dosen’t matter the model, all runners give the hollow points… The bunkers and related missions seem to be still broken. And i experience an constant slowdown after playing for some time, specially if i get in a heavy firefight.
Patch was good, no denying that, but still is a lot to fix.


Hi there,

Throwing a Grenade while running is Buggy… it explode eveytime in my Hands😅.

Also it doesn’t work correctly when i stand in a doorframe or round about one meter in Front of the doorframe… sometimes it works but in Most cases i waste medpacks :mushroom:

does anyone have where a field radio gets stuck to your hand when your using a different item like a gun?

I’ve had that happen a couple times. Usually if I open the crafting materials section of my inventory, that fixes it. If not, reloading the game should do the trick.