PS4 - Numerous list of issues I've ecountered

All of the following issues are PS4 specific…

Questing/World Issues

  • Grabbing the map at the Saltvan IP evacuation site before completing “Road to Saltham” quest breaks “The Home Team” questline due to the map being missing. Restarting to the main menu fixes this.

  • Accepting the three quests at the Vessian Command Bunker does not work in co-op for the host. You can hit track quest ad nauseam to never display in the quest log. Resolved by getting the quests tracked in solo.

  • Saltham loot counter infinitely counts past the 33 lootable items.

  • Discovering smaller points of interest typically generate a map icon for that area. These icons will disappear completely when the game is relaunched.

  • Field Radio beacon can take up to several minutes before it becomes spawnable.

Technical Issues

  • Crashed once while fast traveling to my friends location. Relaunched the game to a corrupt save message, lost all quest progress and four character levels/inventory items… so nearly two hours of content gone.

  • Map screen went pitch black and I was unable to see anything on the map. Quitting to main menu didn’t solve the glitch, hard restarting the game did.

  • Random room broke inside the command bunker at Vessian. It had invisible textures that let me look under the map, loot objects in that area were also invisible but interactable.

  • Random freezes up to five seconds or more in length occur while running in the world.

  • Frame rate drops during gameplay frequently and very heavily at random.

  • Numerous random slowdowns comparable to a “slow motion” like effect occur in co-op.

  • Organizing loot in my inventory in custom locations can occasionally reset back to a random formation.

  • Ammo of the same type will not automatically stack when looted. Sometimes manually combining stacks is required.

Environmental Issues

  • Sometimes backpacks and loot boxes can be found inside objects/walls and occasionally under impossible to reach locations. Example: Backpack in shower wall at Vessian Bunker.

  • Environmental props are misaligned or floating in the air all over the world.

  • You can phase through certain rocks and other environmental objects by just running through them.

  • Climbing any stairs outside of the housing units is an absolute nightmare and comparable to jumping up a mountain.

  • Opening doors across from each other can block your path, mostly an issue in bunkers.

  • Upon killing a robot the rag doll can get twisted in environmental objects creating an awful sound loop of noise along with the corpse flailing around.

Control Issues

  • All menu/map/quest/inventory screens are impacted by a way too sensitive dead zone of the left analog stick causing drift

  • Scope sensitivity is barley movable with all magnification optics on controller making aiming with optics near impossible.

  • Swapping between primary 1 and 2 occasionally doesn’t work. It instead keeps whichever primary you already have out and requips that item.

  • Swapping to your pistol can disappear as an option at random despite having it equipped. You must reslot your pistol to fix this issue.


Same here ps4 pro constant crashing when in multiplayer , your list of errors is spot on , great game hope fix is swift.

Someone address the issue that I lost all my saved data after the game froze and crashed.

their also a glitch where if you join a multiplayer game there is no loot in ammo boxes and other things.