[PS4 Bug] Multiple BUGS!

PS4 Slim
**Steps To Reproduce:** 
1. Foggy Area and with a bunker go there and go underground there is a chance that this will happen the screen got white blurred and i cant see anything (watch the video link) i barely can see anything which makes thing more harder than it is!
2.i was at torsberga fortress doing the main mission then (got bug #1 above) then i tried to reset the game by quiting and then suddenly all the doors are locked even though i switched the generator one the first time.
2.1. i tried to switch the generator on again although all the lights were on and then i went back to the door and it was all locked again!
3. Leaving a door open or whatever can clip enemies in even the hunters who barely fit got inside!
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ArchipelagoArchi (me)
PS. Please update the game for the PS4!!!!

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