Intense light in Torsberga, South Coast region



A group of four of us all experienced strange intense light effects within Torsberga fortress. As soon as you exited the underground complex the light disappeared. Standing still also reduced the light sometimes but not always.

Never seen that bug before the april update.

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I saw people reporting this on Discord, but I haven’t seen for myself. Better plan a trip to Torsberga, see if I can get some screenshots of this happening.

Edit: Yep, I’ve seen it now too. Wonder if it’s related to the weird fog.


Another example


Yeah. Some of the rooms you go in the patches of light completely obscure your vision.


Myself and two friends whom I enjoy playing Generation Zero with encountered this problem also in the same place, Torsberga Fortress. This is what we would consider ‘game-breaking’ as it becomes unplayable.

We believe that this is the glint from shiny objects and objects that light bounces off within the underground bunker areas. This issue only happens when inside the Fortress / Bunker. It starts with the sight of your gun then encompasses the entire screen.

The previously lovely lens flaring from shiny objects when indoors was missing from our play session this evening following the latest update, and so we believe this lends creedance to our believe that this is glint or glare - gone wrong.



Two more screenshots:


EDIT: The washed out look to some of the screenshots is the hight levels of fog / haze that the southern part of the map seems to be plagued with since the latest update.


Hello … i’ve found a visual bug at Torsberga Fort where on dark spots you see just uncomfortable lights and your flashlight helps a little because on light spots you at least see something… we just somehow took down that artilery but we cant normally loot all from the Fort because of this.




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Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: Logging into game (already very foggy and bright) and entering Fort Torsberga underground bunker area

Images / Videos:Generation Zero Lighting Bug

Host or Client: Joined a friend’s multiplayer game but all players in the lobby experienced it

Players in your game: 3

Specifications: Ryzen 5 3600x 16gb ram Gtx 1080 (Ultra Preset)


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Excessive fog in South Coast region

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I just made a short video of this bug, I thought I was the first to notice.

I thought it was quite amusing…


I have this problem too
And… all have Ryzen =


My bug is in Fort Torsberga. There is a corridor where several soldiers were fighting the machines.

This pic is entering Fort Torsberga (no problem except for fog)

this one is pointing at the entrance to the corridors

inside first section of corridor

showing far door where bug starts

Standing next to door

I hope this helps

system : PC
Windows 10 home
3.2 Ghz 6 core processor
16 gb RAM
2 gb nvidia geforce GTX 1050

Himfjäll is broken on PS4 after April update

Lighting flare in tunnels of the minken bunker.
Basically halfway into the bunker there’s 2 paths both doors when opened set off some amazing screen glare. Added light i.e flashlight and flares somehow negate it slightly but its blinding for the 3/4 next main hallways/rooms i literally cannot see after passing said doorways… Minken bunker. Ultra graphics highest shaders aa filtering etc. Even the excess fog glare was not that bad…
Not really minding noted issue’s i just wonder if this had been mentioned or if it has another fix other than using a bunch of flares to negate it…


Two same issue merges into one topic.



Update regards the white out stuff, I’ve attached a location image and three screenshots in game.

The first shows the white out with an additional blue effect, the other two is the white out in full effect, the second shows what happens when you aim down the sights of the pistol, some of the bloom effect goes away.

Looking forward to a fix folks :muscle:

New update a bit OP

I’ve had this too. It seems like the darkness is somehow being registered as being incredibly bright because if you turn your flashlight off the whole screen turns white.