PS4 controller Deadzones help please Developers


Hi again forum/Devs , since the latest sept patch the ’ Aim stick R3 ’ now moves slightly without input from user , the left stick L3 Has suffered with this since launch , just wondering if you guys the Development Team could please take a look at the Deadzones L3 + R3 and maybe do your magic and increase the Zones up a couple of point’s or a slider in the setting’s , Cheer’s Team :+1:


Just incase a friendly community member try’s to help me , i have 2 new pads and 3 old pads and it’s the same result with all , many thank’s aye :+1: this is a Request for help not a BUG , anybody with same Controller issues XBOX/PS4 please feel free to add a big nice YES PLEASE down below , many thank’s


After the September update I must say that I noticed something similar too.

My character seems to want to move into different directions sometimes, or move by itself.
It does not happen very often.

My controllers are not brand new anymore, but not completely worn out either.
GZ is the only game so far I have had this happen with.