PS4 error code CE 34878-0 - due to the number of medical trailer

I reported this a few days ago as

“Game crash after building up the sillavik cp (resistance)”


I was so totally wrong. It’s not a problem at sillavik control point. It is the number of medical trailers. right now I build 40 of them in all my control points. If I build one more, and no matter where, the game will crash with error code CE 34878-0.

Steps to Rebuild: I build one mor med. trailer at Älgbacken a few days ago. Game crashes next day right after showing up my character. Going offline, dismantle the med trailer. Going online again and start the game. just running fine.
Build one more med. trailer yesterday at Broängen control point. Starting game today and crashes again like before. So, going offline again, dismantle the med trailer. Going online again and restart the game, it just runs fine with no problems.

My control point are:
Tylöveden - med trailer 3, Östra Mark - 3, Gardberg Mine - 3 and Älgbacken - 3 (12)

Ravinen - 3, Broängen - 3, Leräng - 5, Floda - 5, Smultronstället - 3 (19)

Ruin Korpborgen - 4, Hammargarden Camping - 0, Sillavik - 2, Torsberga - 3 (9)

I am playing on PS4 Pro (CUH-7216B)

So when being offline with your console it works, but when you’re online it crashes?

Sounds like more than just an issue with the medical trailer.

Is the any way to submit my savefile to generation zero? May they want to check that out?
It’s about 17 MB.

And yes I can play with 40+ med trailer but only offline. Beeing online and starting game it will crash on showing my charcter at the startpoint.

Weird. Really weird.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Btw. I captured and build Broängen and Floda control point before the devs revamped these areas. I lost lots of walls, fences, stuff (also med trailer) at both control points. Maybe this is (part of) the problem.

I will submit the savefile in the evening.

I just experienced this at Överby. I just had a small base with 4 sniper turrets, all needed supply stations and one row of walls around. Just a secured spawnpoint.

Now the command center stands next to the base. Yeah. Why?

Btw, I just have two bases with medical trailers and don’t have any issues with base building or related crashes so far.

final showdown - video with crash sequence

used dlc’s in my game