[PS4] Falling out of world repeatedly

After roughly 7 hours of game play i started to fall out of the world no matter where i was or quick traveled to, this is on a standard PS4. The only way of solving it was deleting the whole save file, hopefully…

Remember there will be patches soon so maybe try and play with a new character. If you do pass your last save then I guess that’s that but if it happens again just wait till a patch comes. I’m sure this will be addressed and taken care of :slight_smile:

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Sound rather game breaking… Please follow this format READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and then post here https://forum.generationzero.com/c/bug-reports . Sorry to hear that you’re having such an unpleasant experience, let’s get this fixed ASAP for you!

Actually my experience with the game over all has been very enjoyable outside of that one bug! I should have taken a video of the bug happening, so if it does again i will follow the steps more carefully. So far so good and I’m about to come up to the previous spot i was at, fingers crossed i was just unlucky. :slight_smile:

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