(PS4) Latest update, can't play the game? Login required?

Hi all,

I came back to GZ about a week or so ago and found out another update was released today.
So I updated and started the game.

And that is where it ended.
GZ now requires me to make some sort of account to play? Or even a “limited account” ?
I could play the game perfectly fine without any of this up to yesterday.
What is going on with this?

I don’t want to make some sort of account or anything. Never needed it, so why is it needed right now?

Anyone else who has this going on?



I think you don’t need an account, the limited account don’t require email, password or anything at all if I remember correctly.

Is this possibly related to the Avalanche APEX system ? That’s needed for the daily assignments to work in general.

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It was not needed yesterday and before that.

So it is not needed now. Never used any of that Apex nonsense stuff, never will.
Never did any “daily assignments” because it is a game, not another job.

Pretty sure that it was needed earlier iirc, creating a limited account should be easy and it won’t take any unnecessary information tho, see no reason not to. You can use the assignments by turning them on when you start and just forget about them and you won’t be bothered and you might earn something from it.

Yeah rhe APEX connect should be completely unnecessary to play the game.

Unless the new base assault system sehow made this account requires for that feature now. Which I doubt. Mostly because that would be dumb, and it was never mentioned.

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I have been playing this game for a loooooong time now - with a few breaks and I have never had any Apex account thingy nor the need for one.

Up til yesterday. So I am 1000% sure i’m right and it wasn’t needed.
And it should not be needed.

Thus I want to see this fixed.
I am not going to make an account. Millions of reasons not to do it.

If there are a million reasons give me five, since the introduction of assignments you have been asked to create an account I’m 100% sure of it, maybe it didn’t force you to do it though? Creating a limited account as I said won’t even require a password, email nor user name (if I remember correctly) so why not just make one and then get on playing the game?

I can only think that @Ixhaton has been playing the game offline?
Otherwhise is strange that he was not asked to create an account.
Maybe you play with mods? I dont know :confused:
The apex account has been up for a long time.

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I thought that you only needed an Apex account if you wanted to have access to assignments. When I first started the game in December I’m pretty sure it said that it was just an optional thing.

In one of the recent streams Pontus was playing without an account and was able to do everything except get assignments.

This is correct, you only ever require some form of Apex Connect account for assignments. Nothing else, game has never required it.

This is/was indeed the case.

You could walk up to these computer things and activate that account.
I never did so. It was never required, it was 100% optional.

And now it suddenly is no longer the case. Without any explanation or reasons given. (Or not that I could find any valid ones).

The game is playable in offline mode, when offline you are automatically signed out of apex connect, this makes me think that it still isn’t necessary… you sure there isn’t a skip button? And as I already stated no reason not to make a limited account.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, AFAIK. I do agree that it should not be mandatory to log into any service before playing the game. I’ll get in touch with the devs and see what’s going on about this.

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hey, could you provide a screenshot of said login screen, please?


I can confirm. I’m on Ps4 and now it requires me to make an apex account. If I don’t I can’t play. There is no skip option.

But creating a limited account just has you scroll through some stuff and accept.

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But you need to read it, who doesn’t read EULA and TOS. Right? But That’s what I mean, why not just create a limited account, no reason not to…

No reason to have it required either.

That goes for the whole thing in general. Why do we need an account for daily assignments when so many games seem to do the same thing without them?

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They call it limited account but as stated above it’s just that you have read and accept the terms. The could have called it something else than account. I have not and I am not going to make an account just to get access to dailys. I can live without them. But a limited is ok for me.

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Hey everyone! With the Base Assault Update the option to not have an Apex account was removed and you’ll now need at least the limited one to play. Still, there is no need for any e-mail or similar with that account but there are some tos that you need to accept. We’re working on an updated Apex Connect FAQ for you that will mention this!