[PS4] 'To the Lighthouse' Locked Door

Platform: PS4 Slim

Steps To Reproduce: N/A

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: 1

In the mission ‘To the Lighthouse’, you can pick the lock on the locked door (that you’re supposed to open with a key at the end of the mission), presumably allowing you to bypass the intervening mission objectives (I didn’t have the balls to risk breaking the mission to find out).

Maybe this isn’t a bug, and is working as intended, but since this is the first quest door I’ve come across that doesn’t require the key to unlock, I thought I’d best mention it.

Just as an addendum:

@SegaSen went through the door in his playthrough before he had even unlocked the mission (in his case due to the key spawning before the mission was even unlocked). Picking up the journal on the other side, long before destroying the machines for the mission, did make the quest unable to complete. His full bug report can be found here.