PS5 and Series X update?

Hi guys. So today is the first day I’ve been playing your game. On one hand I’m really impressed. It has a unique feel to it and I’m enjoying it, however on The other hand the frame rate is just awful. It can’t be more than 20fps. With next gen now a thing are you thinking of doing 60fps on newer console. Or even 30 plus. It’s a shame because I feel your frame rate is the difference from A game my squad n I will play all the time to what you have now which is making me motion sick in places its that bad. Fingers crossed you can sort this out. Cheers guys n girls.

According to the person who runs the twitter account, they are, “looking at our possibilities with that!”

Fingers crossed. MS might be able to help them achieve a performance boost using this…

I was unable to find this as a feature request for the devs on this forum. After getting a taste of 4K(ish) at 60 FPS on consoles finally, it’s tough going back to anything less. Game would look amazing with a resolution bump, and who doesn’t love a high framerate. Plus, it would also get GZ back in the headlines again with gaming media sites, thus reminding players that this game is alive and kicking. It’s a win/win for the players AND the developer. Crossing my fingers.

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Also, discussion of it is here: The future of GZ on nexgen consoles


Will there be upgrades for newer consoles like the PS5?
It would be great to have full 4k resolution, high res textures and some overall graphical improvements.

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The PS5 GPU is more or less equivalent to GTX1080.
This should give you stable 60FPS @ 1440p, but 4K? it could get a little bit bumpy.

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It’s not just about the GPU on the PS5, I’ve been playing for few months now after upgrading from PS4, the games is much more stable and a lot faster with no lag I suffered with PS4 on and off, I think it would handle this no issues, as I said it’s not a simple GPU comparison as that’s just not how the console is designed!

They’ve confirmed today that Second Extinction is running at 4k 60fps on Series X. Fingers crossed they manage back port some of those Apex enhancements in to the console build of GZ.


You doing dinosaurs what with the update issue for a bit?

I was considering it

Definitely. I’ll give it a go, especially since it’s in Game Pass. It would be rude not to at least try it!

So, Avalanche’s, APEX Engine driven title, Mad Max has now been included in Microsoft’s list of FPS Boost titles, going from 30fps all the way up to 120fps on Xbox Series X.

Second Extinction runs flawlessly at 4k 60fps, please can we let Microsoft work their magic and FPS Boost GZ up to 60fps? :slight_smile:

Yes I must admit the gameplay on SE is something they need to inherit.

There’s a lot of stuff in SE that would work well in GZ. The ‘mantling’ for climbing on and over obstacles would be a nice touch, the frame-rate (obviously) and I find it hard to believe just how better implemented the contracts / assignments are.

I guess it’s because SE was designed with this feature-set whereas GZ often feels like it’s being retrofitted with stuff being crowbarred in.

It’s the stuff MS is doing with FPS Boost on the Series X|S that I feel would be the better fit though, as it’s done with no work from the developer, and (I’m guessing) just permission from the publisher.

It’s a good point well made. Going back with reference to the topic on the games development in general - SE does flow very well.

I would say though on the scales - cross play first :robot: :sweden: