QoL Inventory Request

My friends and I have recently comeback to the game after a hiatus. We finished the main story line a while back and have now purchased Alpine Unrest. We are really enjoying it.

What is immediately apparent is the features and upgrades to the game that you have added during our time away. However, there are some improvements that I think everyone would appreciate.

The inventory system needs to be streamlined, both for the regular inventory and clothing.

For the regular inventory (carried and Plundra), it would be extremely useful to be able to sort whichever item type I am looking at by certain relevant information.

  • Ammo types: sort by quantity, caliber, guns they work with, etc. Having to scroll through a load of different ammo types looking for 1 in particular is frustrating to say the least (side note: 9mm smg and handgun should really be the same thing, there is no real reason for the two separate types in game). This way all 7.62 types could be next to one another. Or I could just find what I have most of and take that.

  • Guns: sort by ammo types, number of crowns, name. Sorting by name will allow me to see if i have multiple of the same type of weapon quickly. sorting by ammo type means my friends don’t have to ask me what type of ammo goes with which gun every time the run out of ammo with one gun or another.

  • Attachments: sort by equipped, what it can be attached to, number of crowns. It is not obvious what can be attached to what. Being able to sort by compatible PVG90 attachments (for instance) would be great, instead of having to remember the “rifle scope” doesn’t work with that rifle for some reason.

  • Gear (sprocket/cog): sort by gear type (health packs, explosives, noise makers, emp, etc. grouped together), and weight. having to scroll through my inventory looking for simple health packs knowing that they must be in there is infuriating. Same with looking for weight I can drop once waddle mode has been activated.

Secondly the clothing inventory could use a tweaking. Since I can make clothing for different purposes and I can carry an infinite amount of clothing, it would be great if I could quickly find clothing that I like, or that has one advantage or another. Wearing camo to sneak up on baddies and then being able to change into bullet resistant clothing would be ideal. Currently I am afraid If I change my clothes I will lose the shirt I am wearing in a sea similar “less good” shirts.

I know you posted recently about Molotov cocktails and a grenade launcher, maybe being added, and those sound great, as can other big changes to the game I can think of. However, these (I think) smaller requests will go a long way.

I look forward to everything new you bring us in the future! But I am hoping these requests come sooner rather than later.

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