Question about Behind the Curtain mission

I finished A Wrench in the Works, Empty Spaces, and The Enemy of my Enemy and the requirements of unlocking 3 main missions above including Science of Deduction.

Behind the Curtain mission shown up after I finished The Enemy of My Enemy.

My question is should I finish the remaining of main missions from all warboards before Behind the Curtain or I go ahead do Behind the Curtain first? Because from what I read a log of Behind the Curtain, it sounds like it’s a last main mission?

Now I have two achievements related to Rise of the Phoenix (Behind the Curtain) and It’s The Final Countdown (Complete all Warboard Missions).

This is what I have left as you can see screenshots above.

Farmlands Region
-Flying Blind

Forest Region
-The Gas Factory
-Flying Objects

Marshlands Region
-The Bridge

North Coast
-Behind the Curtain

Does it matter to do all main missions in order or not for complete all Warboards missions for Its The Final Countdown?

Your other missions will remain if you choose to complete the main story mission, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

Yes I know about side missions that it will be there after I finish all main missions but my question is can I go ahead finish the final mission (Behind the Curtain) before 4 other main missions?

Yeah, shouldn’t be any problems.

Ok thank you, Xezr :blush: