Question about region levels

So, I’ve been playing the Rivals update every day since Monday and I noticed today that my region level stats had reset to zero. I was hosting a co-op with 3 other players, playing on Win 10 PC.

A guy in my group told me that region level resets to zero every time you kill a rival. Now, I didn’t confirm this but is it true? I feel Rivals spawn in really seldom if you play “normally”, but even more so if the region level resets after each kill.

What’s your impression of this?

That was my impression as well. Between that and the weird “die for better loot” mechanic, my interest in Rivals is currently zero.

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I don’t think that’s correct. My Farmlands Region is up to level 10, and I’ve killed plenty of Rivals so far. Mayhaps it synced with the co-op session and reset? Multiplayer has done odd things for progression before…

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Whenever I kill a rival in a region, level of that region resets to 0. Weird mechanic imo. Now I’am trying to spawn 8 (max) rivals in a region and then go destroy them all

What is the relation between Rivals level and area level?
If a region is level 10, will then also Rivals span at level 10 in that area?
What is the trick to span high level Rivals?

My first rival spawned ar reginal lvl 7. After I killed it it reseted to 0. I keeped fighting in this area for quite a wile and get it up to lvl 11 now. So far no second rival spawned. That’s probaply because of the 2 hours cool down. I went to fight in other regions. So fahr my rigion lvls are 11, 7, 4 and 2 and no other regional rival spawned. Finally the second one i managed to get is by dieing. Now i level this one up. It’s quite grindy i think.
Edit: I was in single player all the time.

The area level only reflects the chance that a rival spawnes. They spawn always at level 1. And when you kill other machines in the same area the rival levels up. This way it becomes stronger and the drop rate for experimental weapons increases.

Aha… so in my area 10, it is a bigger chance to get a Rival then in my level 2 area?
Once the Rival span, it will level up based on all other machines I kill in that area?
Is the 2 hour cool down per region or for the entire map?

Yes you re right. I’m not sure about the cooldown. I think in the stream they only said that there is one but not whether it is a local or global one. Probably the guys who managed to spawn more than 2 rivals so far could answer that.

It’s slightly confusing to read some people having the resetting of level experience while others do not?

It MIGHT be a bug due to different co-op player’s region-levels conflicting with each other, which could explain the discrepancy in answers here. Maybe @SR_Kimchi or @Avalanche_Graham could inform us on how this mechanic should work so that we can verify whether its indeed a bug or not?

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The cool down should be per region, as I have also seen multiple Rivals on the map at the same time, after less than two hours of gaming.

Just killed 2 or 3 rivals in one region and level dropped from 12 to 6.

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Aha! Interesting @0L0 !

Where you playing solo, or with others hosting/joining?

Hm, if it reduces a certain amount of xp it could have set me to 0 back because I killed the rival directly after it spawned. I didnt level it up.

I found that the rival leveld up if I avoided it (I dont know if me killing other machines in that region and getting a higher level did any difference or not tho.)

Killing machines in a region will level up all the other Rivals in that region, as far as I know.

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I was playing alone.

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Regions will level when you kill machines (not Rivals) or get killed. Regions will drop in level when you kill Rivals in that region. Rivals will level when you kill machines (and other Rivals).


Thanks! Such a precise and informative answer! Appreciate it! :heart:

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From my experience there is not a 2 hour cool down per region, multiple rivals appeared either by my death or by my killing spree.