Question/Feedback about Known Issues and next patch

Hi! Will we get a new list of Known Bugs or some kind of ETA for the next patch?



I don’t understand the Avalanche Studios Group’s endgame with Generation Zero. While my opinion about the group is slightly better than it was last week, I still think that their behaviour on Generation Zero is detrimental to their global reputation.

In fact, the question I would like to ask to Zach, would be about his endgame with Generation Zero:

“What’s your endgame with the game? When will you feel happy and stop delivering new content updates? Do you have a goal or something? How much longer do you think the team will be working on the game?”

Clarification: My question is not “what’s the point?”. I am simply wondering how much longer they think they will be working on the current game.

I hope I did not sound like “Duuuuuhhh! What’s the point in this game? It’s ******!”, because that wasn’t the intention. :sweat_smile: (English is not my main language.)

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I take back what i just said…
I give up…

I think am gonna buy Dying light 2 now early, even though I wanted to wait for a sale.

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Wait… What did you say? :sweat_smile:

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Did I say something wrong?

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No, but your constant and relentless negative opinions of GZ and the Devs, and you thinking you know better is dispiriting to me. There is no end to it just like JJ constantly did. It spoils at least my time on the forum.

I need no longer read your posts, they make me agitated. I know that’s not your problem, that’s why I need to step away a bit and refocus on positive things. Life is to short, as the saying goes, to allow darkness to take over.


You mean JoJo_the_memedealer?

Hey, also, you are right about me being negative. You don’t have to hide it. In fact, respectful comments like yours invite me to look at myself and to control myself a bit more.

I will stop posting very inquisitive stuff. (Well… I’ll reduce my presence.)

I just need to learn to live with the fact that Systemic Reaction does not do the type of community management that I like. I know there are many ways to do community management, but I have troubles dealing with it. :laughing:

Thanks for being frank. Also, I read a few of your topics and replies and it’s obvious that you are a good asset to the existing community.

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Oh… There’s one thing I need to add though…

Systemic Reaction send people who want to share feedbacks and suggestions on this Discourse forum, or Discord. They don’t have any option in their form for feedback. See for yourself:

We would love to hear from you on official Discord server or here to share your feedback on the official Generation Zero forums.

I don’t really know what to do… I want to use the proper channels when I want to share feedbacks, even negative ones, but it appears that I used both channels… :man_shrugging:

I got replies to all my factual and objective bug reports, but the current communication channels for feedback don’t give any closure and they let people like you deal with negative people like me. :sweat_smile:

Maybe topics in #feedback-feature-requests could be read-only or something, or allow only some category of members to reply. :man_shrugging:

You are indeed too much negative.
And this Post you created is in fact about 2 different issues.

1st you ask for a lisf of known bugs and ETA for next patch, which honestly i would not mind to know it too.

Then you make your review about the way Avalanche studios is doing their game publicity and Public relationship management, which to a point i agree they never did it in an efficient way.

Dont mix things and dont criticize entire pages about it, if you think about it, if you complain too much your opinion will be less valid.
By now you made your point, you dont like changes , the revamps have been happening since the end of 2019 with the archiphelago, we all knew what would follow, just not the constant delays and bugs.
Be constructive and efficient.

Now about you @Gysbert You dont have to play GZ for 3 years without breaks, feel free to come and go and play other games, having fun is what matters, dont let Forum opinions make you feel that way, relax a bit and either shooting Sweedish machines or decapitating zombie hordes on Dying Light are good ways to do it :wink:


I have a tip for you Bowi, (this is just a tip, i’m not forcing you to do this)
Please at least finish the game, Cus as far as I know you are still very very early in gz (barely left the first region). You can correct me if i’m wrong though. I don’t really feel your complaints are that valid if you have barely played the game.
It’s odd to go in and start complaining about how a game is being developed/managed when you have barely played the game. For example I never had a account on this forum until I had at least finished gz and it’s dlc.
Anyways thats just my opinion I guess.


Hi, The forum is meant to give feedback even negative ones. I wouldn’t want anybody to shy away from giving their opinion. The problem is mine and I alone can solve it by avoiding reading them. This forum allows members to temporarily hide posts from other members, and I do make use of that preference setting. So if I do not react to a direct question, it might be that the hide preference is active.
I like you because you are easy to talk to, and that makes it even more difficult for me when I think “O no… not again”.

I feel that many of the concerns you have, are not really concerns, but are spawned out of anger. Anger towards the makers of the game, because they followed a path you do not like. It feels to me that the many negative posts are a form of trying to hurt the game and the makers, maybe even wanting the game to fail. That sort of reason for posting negative posts, is for me a no no. I don’t get that feeling from one time less positive posting, as long the poster has a healthy balance between positive, interesting and negative opinions.

It is well-known that backlash can be detrimental for games, it is therefore no surprise that negative reviews on games are often used to pressure a game studio, I like to call it bullying to get their way.
Anyway, I still like you. And I hope one day you can let it all go. It is just a game. 30/40 bucks down the drain. There are far worse things, really. Do good, and good will return to you.

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Yes I know, and I have played many games in that time. But now just 10 days after the Landfall Update I like to be on the forum, try to be of help or talk about what we like about the update. It is great fun seeing what others find and post. I will be here every day at least a few times.

I haven’t bought it yet, :grinning:


That was true at the very beginning, when I felt that the game deserved to be in “Early Access”, but I don’t think like that anymore, because devs are still very active on Discord, Steam and the forum.

Anyway, as I said, I’ll try to be less vocal; and play the game instead. My game sessions are usually 40 minutes long, then I take breaks. Sometimes I’ll play 40 minutes in a day, sometimes 2 hours. :man_shrugging: I played 40 minutes earlier today.


You shouldnt let online things hurt you so much. It makes you depressed for no reason (thats just a tip) cause if you keep taking everything personal that will just ruin you really fast really hard.

Removed off-topic posts. Keep it clean.



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