Questones Gear and Stuff

So new to the game and Love it. Where can I get my GenZ gear?

Hi. Glad to hear you like the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

But what do you mean by this? What gear?

Looking for clothing and hats etc…

Loot away my friend.

For every hour of gameplay, half hour should be spent looting.

Yep, all the backpacks are your best bet for finding random clothing items.
Pre-purchased «vanity packs» are already in your inventory. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also create new characters to get their starting clothes for free. Just create (and delete) all varieties of characters to make their clothes available for your main character. :+1:

I’m sorry I was meaning to wear on me here in the real world

I love the looting on this game

Do you have a mule character setup to put the spare gear on?

I actually have the same question, where can I buy physical clothing that promotes Generation Zero

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Some GZ apparal would be cool even though I’m getting too old for wearing T-shirts with prints. I would, however, love to have a GZ Dalahorse on my office desk. @Zesiir did a pretty good one.

Nope and not sure what that is.

From nowhere.

Only GZ merch, that you can get, is from giveaways and contests devs do.

Currently, you’re in luck since there are two giveaways going on, :star_struck:
further reading: Win Gz Tshirts and PC keys on the Discord!

Btw, i have GZ t-shirt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: