Radios & Medkits abundant in houses

So I got the impression from todays stream that the new changes to houses having lots of radios and medkits and boomboxes was an unintended thing, but i want to be the first person to say please don’t change this, houses always have been a stickler in the community as something kinda boring to loot, and something that outside of providing a bit of necessary cover doesn’t do much more than that.
Now late game players can pop into a house if need be and reliably know they can score a few medkits if they need to during a tough fight or immediately after, as well during my play through i stopped even picking up radios due to them being so infrequent i always thought “well i could get a comms array and those never run out” so thinking with newer players in mind, i think it would be excellent for them to have more freedom with radios as getting comms arrays is pretty late game unless someone grinds their tech tree out quickly.

Anyway those are just my feels on the new utility of houses having radios and medkits in excess, I’d like other players feedback on this as well though! So if you agree with me, please chime in so the devs can know we as a community (hopefully) enjoy this change!


I went into 2 consecutive houses and found 11 radios in one and 17 radios in the second house. not to mention the abundance of med kits in both. Seems a little skewed if you ask me. Don’t mind 2 or 3 radios but 17 seems a little excessive.

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I agree it’s fun to find so many boomboxes and medkits in houses though the January Update is starting to come across as “The stuff we forgot to take out of the dev build-patch” with all the various odd additions to the game seen thus far.

As much as I’d like to believe everyone living on Östertörn being an audiophile, it’s probably not intended :smile:


It would be totally OK to find 1 boombox and 2 radios in one house… and 2-4 medkits.


Plenty of medkits is great, as I almost never run out of ammo but frequently low on meds.


@nugar What city did you find that house? The most I’ve found per house is 4-6 radios 3-4 boomboxes and 4-6 medkits, sure it’s a lot but it’s not excessive like 17. :upside_down_face:

@Zesiir yeah this update came with some real head scratchers, like the new pvg at the end of the archipelago and few more things that seem to be unintentionally left over maybe. But that’s also kinda par for the course so far. :grin: Some of the most promising things seemed to be unintentionally added (crafting benches/tutorials)

@0L0 maybe, but in the end i haven’t found much more than that, or at least not like anything truly overwhelming like the soccer ball house or the one room in ljuset with like 20 alarm clocks in one room :smiley: I think this whole “excessive materials” thing is kinda charming in its own GZ way.

and there we go @darksoul77 at least one person’s with me on this :joy: the extra medkits are great i think, never can have enough of those.

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I prefer the abundance of radios/boomboxes and simple first aid kits in houses. That can make players to use radios/boomboxes more (it plays a nice tune, though, a bit short). Also, it makes houses more “alive” and increases their value in the POI list.

Though, one thing to note about them. They all are one time pick up items. If you clear out the house, it will remain the desolated place it once was.


That’s the other argument you can place to keeping these materials around as well! If anyone doesn’t like the houses having radios they can simply pick them up, drop them in a backpack, QTM and poof the radios are gone :smiley:

But i entirely enjoy this as a permanent new thing, I wonder how my initial playthrough had have gone if i could confidently use radios without fearing using them all up, i feel i would have experimented with traps and setting up ambushes far more than i did. Glad there’s at least two people on board with me on this cheers @Aesyle!


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It was in 2 farm houses in the farmlands, can’t remember their names. I was sort of flabbergasted that there were so many radios, I thought man they must have liked the radio somewhat. I’ll have a look when I go back in game, I sort of remember where they were.

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@tene, went back into the game, the two farms are 1. just North of Anl safehouse at the bottom of the lake it had 11 radios, and, 2. just south of Anl safehouse it had 17 radios, so just a little overkill on radios I think.

Excellent dude thank you for the locations i’ll go check them as well but i definitely believe that is a bit overkill. I think half a dozen between radios and boomboxes is fair but 17 is borderline soccerball house :joy:

As well thank you for the clean up in the thread here @Zesiir!!

Most houses had a first aid kit and a radio back then.

But several radios and the whole place littered with bandages?

One could say that favors battle taking place near or in the house (drop a radio, wait for armada to arrive, battle from inside the house, use first aid kits to heal yourself). <- that’s actually one of my preferred tactics for solo play.

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I do like having a new reason to go into houses. I had got to ignoring them, since the Runners started dropping medkits, but that takes something out of the game. I like it, and if you don’t need a radio, ignore them!


I gotta agree @Bootie in the past few days i’ve looted more houses than i have in my entire play through last year, that’s gotta say something about the benefit of this :joy:
And as aesyle said, using the radios and dropping them in the houses to get the house swarmed and have a big Mexican standoff has been really fun actually! Highly advise people give it a shot before this (hopefully doesn’t) get patched!


I would prefer they diversify the loot in the houses a bit more then. It’s kind of ridiculous and very immersion breaking to find every house full of 15 radios. Personally I thought houses were already rewarding enough to loot, though a couple of more drops per house certainly wouldn’t hurt. But not all radios and medpacks. That’s dumb. Let’s get more flares and fireworks for example.

The medpacks are particularly silly to find in abundance, because those would have been scooped up like mad during the evacuations. Just look at the situation in China (and elsewhere) right now trying to get certain medical supplies. This game needs realism - it’s one of the selling points to me versus other shooters.

Finally I kind of like having to loot a lot of buildings to stock my inventory. It makes each one you discover have more meaning. If you can get everything you need in two houses, why bother going in any others? Whole towns will be ignored.

The immersion argument is weak, to be immersed in something is a decision you make. It’s not up to the product to immerse you, it’s up to you to immerse yourself into the product. If having radios and medkits in houses “breaks your immersion” then you were never immersed in the first place.
Flares and fireworks would be nice to see as well, but that doesn’t mean that medkits and radios are then made irrelevant.

Untrue, in a situation like this where there is an evacuation medkits would not be the first priority. This isn’t similar to coronavirus at all. And you’re asking for realism from a game where you’re a teenager destroying machines that tower over buildings? I don’t see your point. The only realism in gen zero are the simulated bullet physics, and efforts to maintain the 1980’s time period.

And if you find a dozen radios and about 10 simple medkits to be enough that you don’t need to loot an entire city, then go hit a bunker and you’ll never need to visit a city in the game again. Just like the immersion argument, what you do in the game is player choice, if you don’t want to loot houses because a few of them stocked you doesn’t mean that another player wouldn’t want to loot every house now knowing that houses are viable sources of loot.

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Maybe I’m straying a bit off-topic. If so, sorry.

I can get immersed in a setting, if it’s created in a way to make sense and allow me to suspend my disbelief. When it’s done good, I won’t be constantly taken out of the setting because it’s unrealistic. I’m not sure that I agree that it’s a decision that I make, but rather the amount of worldbuilding and detail that the developer is willing to put into the game for the sake of us to immerse ourselves in it.

Finding 10 boomboxes in a house isn’t realistic, and neither is Machines roaming around. But the world that’s been created for us to explore had these fantastic enemies in it from the beginning, and explained to us that they’re meant to be there in a believable way. Less so, the houses filling up with valuable items because of a mistake made during the January Update.

Edit: But hey, at the same time allow yourselves to have some fun with the game’s trap system. It’s bound to change, so enjoy it while it lasts :slight_smile: