Radios & Medkits abundant in houses

Same could be said for ammo crates, they are everywhere, even the yanks don’t have this much ammo casually just laying around.

Dial down the amount of radios but the health packs should stay as is imo.


You are but it’s fine.

So a lot of people use the word immersion without understanding what the word truly means; I don’t need to bust out the strict definitions but if you want to enlighten yourself just look up the word and you’ll realize immersion is an act you take upon yourself, not something that is brought to you.

Immersion is absorbing involvement, involvement is the act or action of participating in something.

Immersion is something you decide to take upon yourself, it’s not up to the “believable worldscape” to immerse you, otherwise how could people immerse themselves into fantasy settings or sci-fi or friggin detective books or whatever the person fancies. How could someone immerse themselves into exercise or academia or even more simply a hobby? By taking it upon themselves to be immersed.
“being taken out of” a thing is again upon the person entertaining the subject you decide if that thing will take you out of your immersion or if you will prefer your immersion to the slight misdetail.

@darksoul77 has a perfect point, if the radios and medkits get in the way of your immersion what about the civilian cars with military grade ammo crates, or friggin rocket launchers in the trunk?

And it’s hard to call this a mistake because we’ve gotten no official word on it, if it is then so be it but you can’t outright say “this is a mistake” until we have some official word on it. As well sometimes mistakes lead to successes and if this is a mistake, then i say its lead to a success.


Not forgetting you can heal yourself in seconds after being riddled with a dozen or so machine gun rounds.

Between realism and immersion is a tight rope my friends.

I don’t agree on what you say regarding immersion, but for the sake of the discussion we’ll have to agree to disagree. Regarding the radio’s and medkits in the houses I haven’t been informed of this specifically, but I have been told the January Update brought with it certain things that were not meant to be in the official update, like items in certain locations that were not there before.

I am not going to talk about immersion because I most likely will be reprimanded by someone with higher seniority than me. But I will offer my humble opinion on this matter for what it is worth. I think that two boomboxes and a radio in one single-bed room is a bit too much. I love the abundance of first aid kits, but wouldn’t it be nice if occasionally two simple kits were replaced by one standard kit? Or perhaps even four simple kits were replaced by one advanced kit?

And to stray a bit from the topic (I am prepared for harsh remarks) I would love to find wristwatches and jewellery on the bed tables. And boots and shoes in the hallways. And clothes on the beds, sofas, chairs - or even in the wardrobes :astonished: And perhaps not so much in toolboxes and trashed machines. For some peculiar reason humans like to pick things up - even virtual stuff in a game - and that might just make looting houses more fun. Or it might just be me being silly.


Please… remove hoarding…
(about Possible Clumsy DJ community and so many, MANY others…)

Tene you’re getting too hung up on the word “immersion”. How about suspension of disbelief then? If these things were not important, than Hollywood special effects would still look like they did in the 1920s and video game graphics would not have progressed either. The fact that they have shows the importance that visuals have for disengaging our sense of skepticism about what we are watching. The more believable and real something or some place looks, the easier it is for our mind to imagine it could be real. This is just basic logic and it’s kind of ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

Indeed I think one of the most important things for immersion is the small details. Getting those right in a fictional universe helps sell it. But dozens of little medic packs and radios lying around infesting every house are details gone wrong. I like the above suggestion to have more standard and advanced med paks instead, if we must. Though if you have to constantly heal in this game on anywhere but the Alpine Unrest island, you’re doing something wrong.

Part of the gameplay loop of Generation Zero is what I call “Survival Lite” - and it’s a big part of the appeal of this game for me as well. Make supplies too plentiful and you ruin the survival and scavenging gameplay. Just “knowing” that every house up ahead has small med paks waiting for you removes tension and surprise from the gameplay as you move between combat encounters.


I’m going to keep things on subject here, this isn’t a post debating peoples sense of immersion. This was a post gratifying the usefulness of medkits in houses.

Since the only valuable source of input you made was in your last statement that’s what i’ll respond to.

Generation Zero is not “survival lite” it’s not survival anything. It’s a FPS game. All supplies are infinite in the world due to the way it is based on loot that respawns. Knowing a house has medkits and radios is the same as knowing bunkers have medkits and seekers have comms arrays. The difference between the two is one had literally zero purpose outside of having a handful of missions centered around them and being a source of cover. It now has been benefited to being a source of reliable loot in a game where risk taking is rewarded.
Ie; rivals/exp weapons/exp vanity items/five crown weapons/five crown attachments

But either way this conversation is null due to these resources being removed in the near future.

Now for anyone that wants to debate immersion, PM me, don’t use this thread. If you have a valid reason for not wanting medkits in houses then feel free to post, if it “ruins your immersion” then your immersion is faulted and frail and irrelevant to the topic at hand.

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I am regularly getting 10+ medkits in houses. It is great, because I seem to be taking way more damage since the last upgrade and the medkits are a huge help.


And long may it continue - the medkits have got me back into houses, and I was ignoring them. I don’t think they should be taken out. If i don’t need a radio, I won’t pick it up…


its but to much after the update, bevore was super the ammount of them

If you don’t need it/haven’t got space, don’t pick it up. I would have expected all houses to have a medkit in the bathroom - perhaps two. Got to be a reason to keep going in the houses…


its ok where not will pick up but its not normal that was so many boomboxes and medikits after the patch in the houses, thats the theme, its to easy when in every house 20 boomboxes and medikits

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It is easy until you pick them all up since they all are one time pick up only.


In my defense… I am a true opportunist.
I just CAN’T leave it…
If I try, my brain (or, what’s left of it) will go mental on me.
No, it’s just BAD to have a billion of that stuff around, it nukes balance.


Xogger!! Step away from those medpacks! You already have enough to create Frankenstein’s monster out of last night’s cold chicken - enough. Pass them by - you can do it!