Random Tank sound after big fights


A rather random bug, I don’t exactly know the reproducibility of it, but I noticed it usually happens after larger fights.

  1. Take on a rather big fight (with different types of bots preferably)
  2. After the fight is over, you’ll be able to hear a live, immobile tank in the area of the fight (engine sound and the cool “voice” they make). It happens regardless of if there was a tank in the fight or not, so the sound definitly doesn’t come from dead tanks. Also, the sound comes from a fixed position. I can confirm it’s not an actual tank stuck under terrain: I don’t see anything under the floor with OPV module, and nothing detects me even if sprinting / shooting weapon at the location of the sound.
    It has happened to me about a dozen times through an entire playthrough and happened pretty much everywhere on the map

Platform : PC
Windows 10
i7-7700 HQ 16G RAM, Geforce GTX 1060

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Sometimes I have this in combination with that:

I’ve had this on Xbox in the church just in the boarder of the South coast Region where a relay beacon across the field near a small village and gas station near two hills I’d managed to kill one tank and escape from the other but then I went back to finish it off and in the woods I heard a tank noise of its calm mode and I got so close it sounded like I was right underneath it but then I saw the tank I was after and it was ages away by then