Reaper Exo Suit concept


Would a design like this be okay to add into the game?


I absolutely LOVE this concept and would like to see it in the game as well!


No matter how i look at it, i can’t see any other from that sketch than Mouth of Sauron.


This absolutely has the generation zero vibe to it 10/10


Nice Concept drawings. I’ve seen the mentioning of the term exo-suit before last days when people were talking about the FOA-suit. Would the FOA-suit qualify as an exo-suit? Just wondering.


I kind of see it, all I did was look up Grim Reaper figures and tried to incorporate parts of the Reaper onto a human figure


Just a thought this if it was inplamented could be a item only dropped from the reaper and would be rare


Yes, I’m with Cl4p1te on that one, rare drop only from Reaper and should have some nice bonuses on it.


You forgot the pants! (I fixed it) :wink:


Now I know what it reminds me of!! That’s probably why I love it so much


It makes it more worth it to fight the reapers


I was considering adding pants but I realized they would be similar to the FNYX style, so if I did make Reaper pants, I would add some torn cloth at the waist and with more of the ribbed/grated metal on the legs, along with the glowing wires


Got it!

I worked really hard on this,…

(Joking aside, I am sure you could improve upon this, I actually love the shoes!)


Lol those are the best pants if pit in game


Gives off Death Stranding vibes ngl.


Ngl ye it does kinda spoopy


So, it’s a helloween costume?


No just a cool outfit to possibly get after killing reaper


I made a 3d modle from scratch

Except for the human body and skull parts


i redid the head and added a cape

now it is a unireaper