Reaper panicked and ran into a barn

Then he sulked and got all weird and quiet while in there.

Maybe he was looking for the milk?

Quite an interesting place for the Reaper to end up. At least its now easier to handle since you still got a leg to shoot at.

That reaper was weird, indeed. When a rival showed up to join the fight and we beat it, the Reaper teleported and landed on the carcass! Guess he wanted to perform robot CPR or something.

lol you terrified him, poor lil reaper

:thinking: Maybe he wanted to play hide and seek or some sort of peek a boo ? :man_shrugging:


That barn in particular had a track record of sheltering tanks even before being destroyed. No proofs, though.

That’s not the end of it, either. He (she??) apparently wanted to attend Sunday School but was too big for THAT entrance. Check it out here. It got stuck behind a couple of hedges while spying on the worship service: