Recent changes to the UI

Great to see a new update released across all formats at the same time, with some quality of life updates. I love that it’s still being updated after all this time.

However, as a software developer with experience in both UI and UX I’m confused as to how we arrived at some of these solutions.

Mixing fillters in with a list of sort options feels really unintuitive to me, and whilst we have sorting there’s no grouping options. From my (admittedly) brief time with it I just find it really frustrating to interact with, and haven’t managed to make it do anything useful.

If I’m viewing a list of weapons I’d have expected the ability to sort / group by type.

So I could see all my assault rifles together, sorted alphabetically and then by quality.

Assault Rifles

  • AI-76 (5C)
  • AI-76 (4C)
  • AT-WAD (5C)
  • Automatgevär 4 (6C)
  • Automatgevär 4 (5C)


  • 12G (5C)
  • Sjöqvist (5C)

Also, the map.

What are the icons to the left in a vertical bar? What do they do, how (on console) can we interact with them? Have I missed a tutorial or tooltips about these?

I hope this is all just me having not played GZ for so long that I’ve forgotten how to navigate the menus and my muscle memory is of a version months or of date, but I’m finding the changes add more barriers to play with each successive update, rather than make things easier. At least with a controller.

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Agreed. Although I’m very thankful for all the work the team puts into improving the game, I also feel that the sorting and filtering in the inventory is a bit clunky.

As it is now, we can either sort alphabetically, chronologically, or by weight, alternatively filter by Quality, Suitable Weapons, Type, or Equipped. It’s currently not possible to Filter AND Sort. I don’t know how the inventory is stored in the game, but if I was looking at this like it was a database, I’d use a WHERE clause for the filters and then a SORT BY/ORDER BY for the sorting order. Also, would like that “Type” and “Quality” could also be used for sorting and not just filtering.

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More feedback about inventory sorting/filtering can be found here: