Rehash of weapon wheel idea

Me and my friend have been playing this game almost since release and we really do love it. Its buggy as hell, but we’re very patient when it comes to games like this, and with the constant feedback from the devs, it really shows that they are desperately trying to fix the game as much as they can as fast as possible.

The weapon inventory system is seriously the one area I find that I personally HATE.
I’ve seen many topics discussing a weapon/throwables wheel, and I can honestly say that it’s not a bad idea for the playstyle of this game, either that or something akin to a hotbar/toolbelt that allows you to either d-pad or rb/lb through your selected set of, say, 5 or 6 items, be they weapons or throwables.

As for the weapon wheel idea:
This would probably satisfy the most people at once, just for combat fluidity. A simple way to keep the weapon rarity system would be something akin to the wheel system in the Farcry or Just Cause series, where you can pick and choose several weapons to have readily available on the wheel itself, instead of just two and a sidearm. Skills could include more spaces for weapons and throwables on the wheel and such.
Ammo could then be more efficiently stored in the inventory, and switching ammo types could easily be rebound to holding (x), or the reload key on your platform of choice, bringing up a smaller wheel with ammo types, then being able to select which to load from there.
Finally, for weapons that dont fit on the wheel, but are seen as a necessity, keep the inventory storage for weapons for that reason. Equipping them prior to a fight and having them on hand in the weapon wheel would honestly solve a lot of problems.

I do hope that the developers read and take this suggestion into consideration. If anyone else has a suggestion along these lines fir this idea, leave a reply so they can read yours here too.

P.s. please make medkits stack in more than 20 or infinitely oh my lord.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ADD THIS!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: It would be what this game needs.

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Greatly said,
Indeed this does need attention, serious attention! My reason…for game fluidity during combats and scouting
The current lay-out and Load’out is too restraining. It offers you little choice when carrying 4 primary weapons, then comes the fact of having to open your inventory during fights.

While on this topic I would also kindly ask the Devs to make it possible to switch between your melee weapons just like you switch from ammo type om primary en secondary weapons…by double tapping R1 (PS4) :wink::kissing_heart:

Based on latest dev letter, it is confirmed that weapon wheel is in the works and is coming to GZ in the (near) future;

And discussion of it: Letter from the Team - July 16th

Oh, one more thing:


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