Remote Hacking Specialization

The remote hacking specialization doesn’t seem to work, it provides the option via “Q” once on target but when you press “Q” nothing happens and the option to hack no longer appears until I restart the game. Am I blindly missing something as to how the remote hacking works?

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I see them sometimes struggle and run blind in an other direction. But sometimes it does nothing and the duration from the struggle is a little too short to get the right use of em, cause u need the binoculars for it. So in the middle of the fight its to clunky to use and I use it only to sneak around or run away. With the specialization I hope I gets more use before or in the fight.

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I use the binoculars too, and I have max hack ability plus the specialization but it seems to have no effect - with the specialization they should attack the hacked machine but there’s literally no effect at all, they don’t even freeze.

Same here, I feel like I wasted a lot of points on a skill that is useless. If it worked it would be pretty cool to have. Perfect for initializing a fight with lots of enemies. :slight_smile:

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Hacking has no timer or cooldown. Instead it only resets when a message is displayed stating that i either won the fight, or fled my pursuers. The message is the only trigger for a reset of the function that i have discovered so far. As a tool Hacking suffers from poor functionality, and designflaws. A waste of skillpoints in current state.

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I have never been able to turn a robot hostile towards other robots. Have you?

You think thats bad playing on xbox here and i had been hacking fine then picked the specialisation and I no longer can hack at all now.

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Update for those who’ve been contributing/following: it’s been working recently, more often than not, but with random levels of success. I’ve had a number of occasions where I’ve hacked a robot and it’s attacked/destroyed other robots. It does seem that it takes a while for the ‘ability’ to reset itself, and it also seems to be random as to whether or not they turn hostile or confused.

It would be handy if the process had an additional step or at least a notification if it was successful.

Gonna contribute to this too. I’m on PS4. It seems smaller enemies are more likely to become hostile and attack. I’ve tried hacking big targets and there’s been zero hostility in the one I hack. In a more recent example(try ten minutes ago), the Hunter I hacked just sat around and did nothing, but the other hunters started (unsuccessfully) shooting at it.

As it stands, I get better results from hacking runners than anything else.

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22 hacking attempts in a row on a Harvester prototype.
All failed.

Did similar attempts yesterday, both on harvesters and tanks. Same results.

So far, Runners and Hunters are the only ones that seem to be hackable, in my experience.

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I posted my experiences here.

A tip from my side: Dont try to hack something bigger than a hunter. It is a compleat waste of time even if it works. Rather hack doggies.

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To be honest I’m disappointed that i have wasted the skill points to hacking and Engineer (for the friendly ticks). At the current state they are mostly useless.

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It’s a distraction tool at best. Hack the small one’s as their % is higher allowing some damage time to the bigger machines. I often chuck a flare at the hacked machine just before to keep them facing that way.

Think thats bad on series x the hack button in binocular mode is Y which punts you to the tutorial page i was looking forward to trying it out but it redundant.

That shouldn’t happen normally…
I didn’t test it yet as I don’t use binoculars.

However, this topic is about 3 years old.
Please create an own topic (set up as bug report, add screenshots) , if it’s still an issue for you.


Edit: checked it with my 3rd character. No problem on Playstation. I press triangle and no prompt, but the cooldown counter counts. In my case no succesful hacking in 2 tries.

What @Madchaser said. Create a new bug report about the issue, as it may differ from what was experienced 3 years ago.

Closing thread.