Request for a new design for the global inventory

Hello developers and Hi everyone,
I have a suggestion for the global inventory.
The idea of having a global inventory is great and i love this feature but the way it was implementet is (in my view) not optimal.
So I would love to have a global inventory with the same “grid-inventory” like the charakter have.
I am a player that loves order in my inventory and thats why I personaly think that a redesign of the global inventory into a grid-design would be good.
thank you for your attention.

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By global you mean the way the Plundra stash is shared between characters, yes? The Plundra was only recently implemented, but many suggestions have been given about it and the devs have acknowledged that it can be improved in many ways. So I’m sure we’ll see that in due time :slight_smile:

ok, thank you :slight_smile: and yes I was talking about this plundra stash
I am sorry, didn’t found anything to this topic.

This was my Feedback