Request for the White Bike

Please add the white themed bike colour to the next update. I would very much like one.

Thank you.


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I’d fancy a pink one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::biking_woman:

Why? To be better camouflaged in the snow?

:bike: I would like a silver one. Hi hoooo, Silver !! :bike:

It’s because it’s in game, but not available to the player - but know it can be…so you never know.

This is clearly a very important request so I’ll move it to #feedback-feature-requests.

For that matter I want one with a mounted machinegun.


Yes, really.

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That’s a really good idea :+1: like it :grinning:

Aren’t you guys afraid that with all these requests this beautiful atmospheric game will potentially be turned into a boring bike ride simulator? :crazy_face:

Personally, I feel the bike is a little under-rated. Maybe a few community based circuits.

I did starting safe-house to the original AI-76 spawn at the docks in 45 minutes

I feel that it’s easier to ride the bike with a controller than with mouse and keyboard. But that route doesn’t say me much without having the map at hand. But I guess that’s quick?

I think it will not broken the atmosphere of that game. I myself drive not often a bike in the game because it is a pain to steer it with the keyboard. Every time you have one hand too few, you actually need three hands even then when you had a Hunter on your heels. :laughing: But instead of hiking you can do some biking tours. :grinning:

You are right Kalle. My remark was actually joking about all the request we get here from people who want to add all sorts of survival mechanics to the game because they think the game is a boring walking simulator as it is now, and totally changing the immersion and experience of the game.
It was certain not an attack to the cool people who wants bikes. :innocent: :grin:

Hmm, doing a bike hike that would be something.

Don’t worry Gysbert, :grinning: i saw the joke behind your lines :grin:. I like the game so as it is.

The idea with the bicycle walk came to me when I was training with the bike because I always fell on my mouth shortly before the finish or hit some barrier during the bike race :crazy_face: :rofl:

Yes, I remember that happening to me too. After a while I knew it was best not to go full speed through the double containers, (that one I found that hardest) but just slow down a bit and don’t miss the ramp. I also got pushed off my bike by jumping runners. But I made in the end and got my cool reward. :bike:

I will make it in the End too i have managed the two containers not at full speed but as i was in front of the finish line i pushed the wrong button and my bike drives without me over the finish line and that has’nt count :sob:
But to go back on the topic. The Idea from Xezir to add a bike with a weapon would be cool. Or the ability to shoot with the pistol or with the submachine gun while you are riding it would be cool also.

I has 2 attempts at it. The first had no countdown timer, or any way points past the flaming ramp.

Failed, then cycled the whole route back killing everything that was in the way. Then re-did it, and the counter and all the checkpoints loaded. It’s on the twitch channel if you want to watch it.

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Can you please make a link to that video

Yeah of course mate, I’ll download it later and crop the journey. I suppose it would help others that also need to do it.

Check back in a few hours mate, I’ll get it done


:sunglasses: Best put it hidden under spoiler (if that’s possible with vids), because if gamers don’t try to find out how to do the race themselves they miss all those failures that are so funny in hindsight. Like totally starting the race in the wrong direction. :rofl: I already did the race, so I do like to see the video for amusement.