Request: New Rifles

It would be cool if the devs could add the m16a2 or the m4a1
The m16a2 was put into the military in the mid 1980s
It replaced the m4a1 which was older.
Both would be a perfect addition to the game.

Would be cool but I can’t see it making much sense unless they produce a deeper story involving American dealers such as Armalites history with colts sales to US ARMY. Far as I understand this games an alternative world which read I guess that shitler won. They do have the Ak5 which was introduced in 86 with a 5.56 cal round. Which is odd as we know is a (nato) standard round. So I don’t know maybe we can see the devs make their own version of armalites Ar15 aka colts m16/m4 platform variant since history has changed in the game. Kinda. Kinda weird with seeing Volvo’s and Saab look alikes you never know maybe they’ll add more story with America rebelling back for control or something in that nature. But in real time the Swedish have their own military rifle the Ak5 which is a really decent rifle in the 80s. There are many variants to the guns in the world maybe they’ll add in game and I did stumble on a long barrel to add to my rifle. But as it is it makes sense to see more European and western Asian/Russian weapons in the game. I hope to see cult classics such as the mg42 and other ak variants like a dragnov sniper. Shoot if it was 1991 we may have had a the P90 lol

Would make more sense if there were more weapons made in Europe (Sweden/Germany/Russia/Etc)

There are tons of Swedish guns that they could add that they haven’t.
Sweden actually used the BAR into the 80’s, as well as the AG42 Ljungman.


M/96 Swedish Mauser. 6,5x55. Doesn’t get more Swedish than that. ^^

Unfortunately, that’s the in-game hunting rifle :frowning:

Yeah, strange decision to make the .243 Winchester the default hunting rifle. 6,5x55 is so much more common in Sweden, especially in the 80’s. They could have done a military surplus version and and a sporterized version of the M/96. :slight_smile: And instead of the .270 they should have added a .308 Winchester, 30-06 or 9,3x62. All of them are common hunting cartridges in Sweden.

Yeah, it would be nice to have a 30-06 rifle in this game. It would be cool if it were semi-automatic, but one step at a time I suppose.

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